4 shopping markets Indian women love to visit in Bangkok


Bangkok is an amazing city in Southeast Asia to explore. Many travelers across the world would like to spend their vacation in this luxurious city. The shopping markets in the city provide limitless quantity and high-quality goods to the tourists. The city also offers wallet-friendly shopping hubs for travelers. You can also experience low-priced shopping at both shopping malls and markets. If you are planning a trip to Bangkok, don’t forget to go shopping.

In this article, we have enlisted Bangkok’s 4 best shopping places that Indian women would love to visit; complete with reasons that make them stand out from other shopping destinations.

Platinum Fashion Mall: 

Not too keen on luxury shopping? Profoundly looking for a good deal in a shopping mall with inexpensive prices? Then head on to the Platinum shopping mall. The concept of an indoor flea market with latest trends makes it unique among all the other shopping malls.

The platinum shopping mall is famous for wholesale clothes and accessories. If you are a fashion lover, this mall is the best option for you. You’ll get hats, clothes, handbags, stylish belts, and cosmetics at this place. There are also many things for children, adolescents, and elderly persons. There are many kinds of stuff you’ll get starting from workwear, evening wear, swimwear, sports, and costumes. 

You’ll find that different clothes come from different fashion hubs like Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. You will also find trendy stuff that’ll make your life-style more fashionable. 

You can also do street shopping inside the mall. Unlike a typical mall, indoor shopping here gives an experience of shopping in the street market. You won’t get the price tags fixed in this market. You’ll have a new kind of shopping experience and fun-filled street shopping experience in an air-conditioned space.

Chatuchak Weekend Market: 

Chatuchak market is one of the largest markets in the world. The 35 acres of huge area has approximately 8000 stalls. It is the best place to buy some high quality, beautiful Thai handicrafts. 

Chatuchak market is located at Phahonyothin Road and is the most popular market in Bangkok. You’ll get clothes, bags, shoes, household items, decorative supplies, utensils and crockery to antiques, plates, posters, handicraft items, books, aromatic oils and many more. The prices are comparatively reasonable.

If you know how to bargain with the shopkeeper, then you will get a good deal. This market usually opens every Friday night and ends on Sunday night. You can also enjoy some drinks after a shopping spree, right behind the market. 

The weekend market has reached a landmark status and has become a must-visit place for tourists in Bangkok. If you visit Bangkok on weekends, squeeze a trip to this market and it won’t let you get down.

Pratunam Indra Market: 

The Pratunam market is the best place in Bangkok for shopping bulk clothing orders. You will get a variety of clothes at extremely cheap prices. You’ll find both casual and fancy dresses at this place. The modern style dresses are available at Baiyoke Tower 1 and the fancy dresses are available at shops closer to Petchaburi Road. You will also find a large variety of dresses and embroidered costumes like sequins, feathers, and bead dresses. You will also find a collection of everyday wear closer to Baiyoke Tower I. The modern fashion items like jeans, bikinis, funny T-shirts, and safari pants are found at the walkways just opposite the entrance of Baiyoke Suite Hotel.

It is the best place to shop for extensive and bulk orders for clothes. You will find a wide variety of clothes, handbags, shoes, watches, handicrafts, souvenirs, and food at this market. 

This market is a major market that sells clothes, shoes, and many fashion accessories at wholesale prices in Bangkok. The jam-packed small streets will give you an experience of clothes-maze. The prices are comparatively cheap and most shops offer retail prices. The best time to go to this market for visitors and shoppers is between 11 AM to 8 PM. 

Terminal 21: 

If you love a lavish and luxurious shopping, then Terminal 21 won’t is your place. If you are looking for a shopping splurge, you will love this mall.

Terminal 21 has taken shopping to a new level with its new floor designing concept and interiors. The travel-inspired concept in the mall provides the façade of an airport theme with signs marking the arrival and departure to a country. The design of each floor is inspired by the world’s most visited cities such as Rome, Paris, London, Istanbul, Tokyo, San Francisco, and Hollywood.

Each floor gives a particular theme of a city that makes shopping an exciting and unique experience. You’ll love the concept that one part has been designed as the Istanbul souk market, another has been designed as the Carnaby Street of London. You may feel like being in Tokyo while looking at a dress at level 1. Enjoy baby back ribs at Tony Roma’s restaurant on level 4 and see yourself dining in San Francisco. You will experience traveling the world-famous cities while shopping. 

This center is famous for the fashion clothes of international and local brands. This place will definitely steal the heart of fashion lovers with its beautiful and well-known brands.

Must-buy souvenirs in Bangkok: 

As Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise, the following things should be on your must-buy list, apart from clothes and handbags. Let’s have a look!

  • Jewelry: Thailand is a treasure for semi-precious stones, rubies, and sapphires. You will get some unique pieces of precious stones in Bangkok. 
  • Antiques: Bangkok has plenty of beautiful antiques. But be aware while choosing between real and fake ones. 
  • Ceramic: You’ll be stunned by seeing the beautiful hand made Thai work in Ceramics. They are known for their artistic sense with their skillful work. Do shop Celadon items, which are elegant in look.

Final Thoughts: 

The range of shopping experiences in Bangkok will itself give you an exceptional experience during your tour. You will get the flavor of the west and the east at the same place. The cultural uniqueness of Thailand in shopping will give an entirely different experience. Thus, Bangkok is a famous shopping hub for many Indian tourists. Hope this shopping guide will help you during your trip. 

Bangkok has all kinds of shopping experiences to blow your Bahts. Go ahead and shop until you drop!!!