Bored of Bangkok? Try these 4 less explored places near Bangkok


Thailand is one of the most versatile international destinations for every kind of traveler. The country has a lot to offer tourists with an affordable package. This attracts many travelers across the globe to the land of smiles. People often seem to visit Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Krabi. However, there are many other beautiful places that prove to be a good reason to visit Thailand. 

Bangkok, the city of Angels has its own charm. It is one of the most prominent cities in the world. Floating markets surrounded by the city will make your trip more memorable. But if you want to travel beyond the rampant heat, traffic, and pollution, these ideal destinations will give you a relaxing vacation. 

Apparently, there are plenty of opportunities for a trip beyond Bangkok. These beautiful places outside Bangkok’s periphery will definitely suit your taste. If you want to enjoy alone, find solitude in the lush jungles, or get a dose of history, you will find a lot of places near Bangkok. These exotic places near Bangkok are within 2 to 3 hours from the city. You can probably enjoy the places by spending a night or two at these places to make it an unforgettable experience. 

If you are within an easy striking distance of Bangkok and want to enjoy the amazing places nearby, take your pick from the list and get the much-needed break from the city. 

1.  Chanthaburi: 

Chanthaburi is an underrated destination in Thailand with heritage architecture, waterfalls, mountains, fruit farms, fishing villages, and beaches. It is nicknamed “The City of the Moon”.

Chanthaburi is a famous place for fruit and waterfront area that has its own ancient history. The beautiful nature attracts many tourists to spend their vacation by just getting to sleep by sea, chill at the place and enjoy unlimited big crabs, tight shrimp, and many other kinds of seafood. You can have a peaceful stay and listen to the sound of waterfalls during your stay at this place. You can see the influences of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Chong (Mon/Khmer), Shan, and even the French inhabitants’ buildings linings the streets.

This place is easy to reach from tourist hotspots like Ko Chang, KoSamet, and Bangkok. Look no further if you step off Thailand’s eastern Gulf region.  

There are many homestays available at this place which give privacy and is surrounded by sea and mangrove forests. You can enjoy the most beautiful sunset spots. You can also find a variety of activities such as rafting, feeding Falcon, slider, kayaking. Some of the homestays even provide private karaoke in the room. Let’s check a few homestays for a blissful experience in Chanthaburi. 

  • Mum Talay Chan Homestay
  • ManeeDaeng Homestay
  • Phloen Homestay
  • SanaeTalay Chan Homestay
  • PlaiTawan Homestay
  • Cher Buri Homestay
  • Khaoyong Homestay

Relax and sit. Listen to the sound of the river flowing into the rocks. Enjoy the accommodation in wooden houses at a chill shaded atmosphere. 

2.  Nakhon Nayok: 

If you want to experience the tranquility and find yourself surrounded by the enchanting view of nature, mountains, paddy fields and a stream of blue water, Nakhon Nayok is the Place. 

It is a small province that is surrounded by nature including mountains, trees, flora, and fauna, especially during the winter season. You can stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city by visiting this place. This place proves to be a travel destination where one can enjoy the nature and peace simultaneously. Thus, it is known as one of the most prominent escapades near Bangkok. 

If you want to know the best places in NakhonNakok, have a look at the following list. 

Supanniga Road: This place is surrounded by Supanniga flowers, which are also called cotton flowers. This perennial plant is bright yellow in color blooming at the ends of branches especially during the month of January and February. 

Bamboo Forest: You will find a spontaneous bamboo tunnel that leans together stretching for several meters in the Bamboo forest. 

Aden farm: It is a family-run recreation area that is decorated with umbrellas of multiple colors. You can chill out on the wooden bridge that stretches to the rice field at this place. This place is known as one of the most photographed corners in Nakhon Nayok. 

Wang Bon Reservoir: The weather of the Wang Bon reservoir will be too good during the cold season. The atmosphere is shady and peaceful during the winter season. There are many activities to unravel your boredom such as hiking, birdwatching, fishing, renting bicycles, spinning around, abseiling, and can go canoeing for seeing the beauty of Wang Bon waterfall.

Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam: It is the longest compounded concrete dam in the world. This dam receives water from the HaewNarok waterfall through Khao Yai national park. Enjoy the scenery of the national park from the ridge of the dam. Take a chic photo, ride a bike, and enjoy the beautiful view of this place. 

Wang Takhrai Waterfall: The combination of two streams from Mae Plong falls flows through small and large rocks and forms this waterfall. The water level is not much deep. As the water is flowing all year round, the area is abundant with large trees and various plants. 

3.  Kanchanaburi: 

Kanchanaburi is a place where history buffs would love to visit. The dense jungles, attractive riverside villages, scenic national parks, and beautiful waterfalls make it worth a visit. It is located in the western part of Thailand that has many outdoor activities like rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, star gazing, etc. 

Kanchanaburi is a historical city that you will find near Bangkok. It is known for the Death Railway, the bridge over the River Kwai, Hellfire Pass, and the Allied war cemetery. It is one of the best places to visit near Bangkok. It is only a one day trip from Bangkok. The Erawan Falls inside the Erawan national park is listed as one of Thailand’s must-see waterfalls in the province of Kanchanaburi. 

Kanchanaburi is a city with a long history along with a much-unseen nature. So, let’s gather some cool tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss when you visit this place. 

Visit the Chamchuri tree: Chamchuri tree is one of the most interesting tourist places near Bangkok in the Kanchanaburi province. The tree stands for over a hundred years and is known as the master of trees of 20 meters high. You can see the widespread green shrubs around the tree where people sit and relax. 

Hellfire Pass: Hellfire Pass is a museum of memories. It is the collection of photo data belongings used during the construction of the World War 2 railroad. This museum was established by the Australian government in an orderly and beautiful manner. 

Erawan Waterfalls: Come and see the heavenly waterfall of Thailand. This is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. The west side is covered by Limestone Mountains causing the waterfalls to look emerald green in color. The freshwater stream flows throughout the year, but the best time to visit is from April to October. The streams will look more beautiful in the rainy season due to heavy rain. The pools contain water in the dry season, but the stream might not be much more than a trickle.

Sangkhlaburi: You’ll definitely fall in love with the charm of this place. The friendly people, cool weather and astonishing sites make this place a must-see place in Thailand. The Mon Bridge or Uttmanusorn Bridge, a wooden bridge is considered as the longest wooden bridge in Thailand and is the second-largest in the world after U-Bein Bridge, Myanmar. 

E-Tong village: This place is known as the golden treasure of nature. This mountain range is located in the Kanchanaburi province and has developed into a tourist destination for the last two decades. 

Rocky Cave: The Rocky cave is considered as the tallest stone pillar in the world. It is one of many caves in Snake Creek National Park. Many canals are flowing through the middle of the cave. There is a stone pillar standing in the middle of the cave which is considered as the tallest natural stone pillar in the world with a height of 62.5 meters. 

4.  Ayutthaya:

A trip to Thailand will be incomplete without visiting Ayutthaya. It is one of the prominent historical places in Thailand to explore. Ayutthaya was the ancient capital of Thailand. It was apparently known as the largest city in the world in the 17th century. 

Ayutthaya is considered the most spectacular city in Thailand surrounded by three rivers that connect to the Gulf of Siam. Founded in 1350, it has 3 palaces and more than 400 temples. You will witness myriad iconic temples all around Ayutthaya. The most famous temples include Wat Ratchaburana, Wat PhraMatathat, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, etc. 

Check the 7 most famous temples in Bangkok you should never miss.

Ayutthaya is not all about temples. It has museums, ancient markets, and also a learning center. The red lotus fields, various restaurants, and candy shops give the tourists an unforgettable experience.

Reaching to this historical place is much easy by train, minivan or bus from Bangkok. It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours to reach from Bangkok. It is a possible option to reach this place but it takes a much longer time and needs to be organized in advance. 

Let’s know some famous places in Ayutthaya: 

Father’s House (Economy Learning Center): It is an agricultural tourist attraction at ThungPhuKhao Thong, Ayutthaya Province. You can see many activities like sheep farming, goat raising, carp fishing, egg collecting, etc. for tourists to learn about life sufficiently.

Thung Bua Daeng: You can see the blooming red lotus field at the village of Ottawan Wat Withi, Baan Khlong Sai. You can take stunning pictures from a wooden bridge at this place. 

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Historical Park: Visit the cultural heritage of Thailand in Ayutthaya. You can see many ancient temples including palaces at this park. Experience the prosperity of the former royal capital of Thailand with its enriched culture. 

Wat Mahathat: Experience the exquisite beauty of Wat Mahathat where you can find Lord Buddha’s head in the tree-covered by the Bodhi root. The pagoda is also very beautiful due to the use of laterite as an ingredient in the construction. 

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Final Thoughts: 

The mere mention of Thailand includes exotic islands, lush jungles, Buddhist architecture, and many more. The picturesque beaches, azure blue water, and full moon parties make it a dream destination for everyone. No wonder this drives many travelers from around the world to visit cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Krabi. 

However, Thailand’s actual beauty lies beyond the mainland tourist hotspots. If you dig a little deeper, you can uncover unique and lesser-known places with the utmost experience. So, discover the hidden jewels and enjoy these offbeat places in Thailand. Get Set Go…