50 Best Things to Do in Thailand


Thailand, the land of White Elephants, is one of the most interesting experiences for every traveler. The beauty of Thailand is in its cultural heritage, historical sites, and of course the lovely people. The beautiful landscape of Thailand gives many interesting tourist destinations. The culinary journey and shopping centers give additional insight into tourists. You will get the best value for money in Thailand, the Land of Smiles. While planning a trip, it is extremely difficult to find out the best among the best places in a strange place. If you have planned a visit to Thailand, the following points will help you to select your destination thoroughly. Let’s discuss 50 best things to do in Thailand which you can consider adding to your bucket list. 

Whether you love adventure activities, or you are a foodie, or you are curious about history, there are dozens of fun, exciting, and unforgettable things to do in Thailand. It is known as the premier destination of Southeast Asia for its gorgeous beaches, budget travel opportunities, and also the aspiration to explore the country.


Places of Worship:

1. Grand Palace:

Grand Palace is a constitutional monarchy that is in the capital city of Bangkok rich in ancient architecture and royal culture. You’ll find the combination of local architecture and western-style design at the palace. You’ll see the famous and sacred temple, Wat Phra Kaew- the Emerald Buddha inside the temple premises. 

2. Wat Phra Kaew: The Temple of the Emerald Buddha:

Wat Phra Sri RattanaSatsadaram is the full name of Wat Phra Kaew, one of the most significant temples in Thailand located inside the complex of Grand Palace in Phra Nakhon district. You will visit the royal museum also. Before entering the temple one needs to be appropriately dressed

3.  Wat Arun: The Temple of the Dawn: 

Wat Arun, the temple of dawn is the oldest temple in Thailand decorated with mosaics and porcelain, located in the west of Chao Phraya River. It is one of the most favorite tourist destinations for visitors.

The site is open to the public from 8.30 AM to 5 PM.

4.  Wat Pho: The Temple of the Reclining Buddha: 

Wat Pho temple is located very close to the Grand Palace just behind the temple of Emerald Buddha. The temple is known as the origin of Traditional Thai massage. This is the biggest temple in Thailand and has a great and splendid statue of Lord Buddha (often referred to as Reclining Buddha) coated with gold. The feet of the sleeping Buddha is covered with 108 panels of pearl. The statue depicts and symbolizes the Buddha in Nirvana (Heaven).

5. Visit the Wat Khaek:

Wat Khaek is also known as Sri MahaMariamman Temple, the most popular Hindu temple located at Silom Road, Bangkok. The temple is based on the South Indian architecture. 

The temple has three shrines: the Main deity is MahaMariamman, and the other two are dedicated to Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartika. The entry fee is 60 Baht.

Click here to know details about the 7 Bangkok temples Indians should visit in Thailand. 

Shoppers Stop:

6. Khao San Road:

Khao San Road is said to be a paradise of shopping and food. If you are a shopaholic person, this is definitely the best option in Thailand for you. Moreover, you’ll explore many inns and hotels from cheapest to expensive.Khao San Road

You will witness many stalls and shops offering a variety of goods, street Thai foods and many more. You’ll see many famous Traditional Thai massage shops across the road. 

7.  Enjoy at the Floating Market: 

The floating market is one of the best places to go to in Thailand. It is a popular tourist destination for visitors mostly on weekends. You’ll see tourists from different countries and the local vendors selling bouquets, mementos, fresh plants, and many more on the floating shops. You can also experience the scenic beauty of the river on weekdays with less crowds. 

Damnoen Saduak floating market

You can shop while riding through crowded narrow canals on the long tail boat and get delicious Thai food to eat on the go.

8.  Central World: 

The Central World is the biggest mall in Thailand and among the top 10 largest malls in the world. You’ll find both mid and high-end retail segments, branded stores, cool fashion, top restaurants, and new technologies across the mall.

central world plaza:The Genius Planet Zone learning, activity center, and ice skating rink inside the mall is the best place for kids. You will also enjoy the weekend pop-up markets on the grounds outside.

9.  Shop in Bangkok: 

You will witness world-class shopping malls in Bangkok starting from Siam Square shopping mall filled with many branded and flagship stores. You will find the boutiques, typical elephant pants and many more. The shopping experience in Bangkok is lavish and will give you a world class experience regardless of your budget and style.

10. Visit the Chatuchak market over the weekend: 

Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok is a popular tourist destination for both local people and foreigners. You will see a local culture over there and the people selling a variety of goods at a reasonable price. Most of the artists sell their art, handmade items, backpacks and many other things that will attract tourists.

11.  Visit the Terminal 21: 

Terminal 21 is a popular mall located at the heart of Bangkok. You’ll get a delicious range of dishes and experience the food court, Cineplex and  supermarket at one place. If you want to buy some international branded clothes, this place is the best place to buy. You will surely enjoy the new travel inspired concept and design of the mall.  Terminal 21 will definitely steal the heart of fashion lovers with its beautiful and designer brands.

Modes of transport:

12. Travel on BTS sky train: 

The Bangkok Mass Transit System  otherwise known as ‘SkyTrain’ is the fastest elevated transport system in Bangkok. Visitors can travel anywhere to avoid traffic, hustle and bustle in the city. It is the most convenient public transportation system in the city. The travelers can cover almost every part of Bangkok and make their travel comfortable and easy using the sky train.  

13.  Take a Boat Ride on Chao Phraya River: 

Chao Phraya River is the lifeblood of Bangkok and the small canals connected from the city give an amazing look to the river. Most of the Thai people use the ferry services for traveling. 

Taking a boat ride on the river will be really fascinating as you witness the high rise condominiums and wooden shacks in one part and children playing in the water in other parts.

Boat Ride on Chao Praya River

Timing: The river taxis do operate to and fro and the cost is around 10 baht depending on the length of your journey. However, during office hours, these boats come every 20 minutes and charge 20-30 baht per person.

Unforgettable dining experience:

14.  Enjoy the Dinner Cruise: 

The beautifully illuminated lights of the large condominiums on the Chao Phraya river gives an extreme highlight while having cruise dinner. The cruise dinner features traditional Thai dancers, soft music, live bands, and your favorite buffets.

dinner cruise at Chao Phraya River

15.  Dine out at Chinatown to experience the Chinese food: 

Chinatown is an extremely famous tourist attraction in Thailand for foodies. You can explore the street side cuisine at Chinatown. You will see the whole area is crowded with market stalls, street foods and many gold shops. 

This area looks more beautiful and attractive during major festivals like Chinese New Year. You will find the true spirit of Chinese food at good prices.

16.  Enjoy at the Rooftop Bars: 

There are various places to visit in Bangkok. If you want to enjoy your evening with your loved ones by seeing the beautiful landscape of Bangkok from a great height, then the rooftop bars are the best place for you. As soon as you reach the edge of rooftop bars, you will be afraid of its heights, but surely you can enjoy the complete scenic beauty of Bangkok.


17.  Visit the Lumpini Park: 

Lumpini Park is located at the heart of Bangkok. This centrally located park will bring peace and calm to your mind in the midst of the hustle and bustle life of Bangkok.  It is a great space for watching locals playing sports, doing aerobics, walking and roaming around. Don’t miss the space when you want serenity from the rush life of the city. 

Lumpini Park

18.  Enjoy the Muay Thai boxing: 

Popularly known as Thai Boxing, it is an extremely popular sport in Thailand. You will find the Muay Thai stadiums and arenas in every city of Thailand. But the best and largest Muay Thai venues are in Bangkok. It is a thrilling experience one can ever get anywhere.

Muay Thai boxing

19.  Enjoy with your kids at Kidzania: 

Kidzania is one of the best places in Thailand for kids. It is located at the heart of Bangkok and the innovative addition of learning for kids, makes a fun and edutainment hub for kids. The kids from 4 to 15 years of age can enjoy this place since there are a lot of activities and for the unique experience. If you are traveling with your family, then your kids will enjoy the place and gain knowledge in real time situations. This place is one of the most worthy places to see in Bangkok with family which one should not miss.


Culinary Experience:

20.  Learn the Thai Cooking Class:

Many of the Thailand cooking schools offer full day, half day, or express two-hour cooking classes to tourists. If you are a food lover and want to learn Thai Food, then these featured schools help you in some fast-paced cooking action.

You can absorb a lot from the instructors and the chef will guide you on how to prepare and give you some secret recipes which you won’t find in a cookbook. 


Pattaya is a famous city and one of the best places to visit in Thailand. It is the center of Thailand’s Nightlife that includes different cabaret shows featuring ladyboys. However, there are many places where families and tourists of all ages can enjoy. It has become one of the popular destinations and a hub for bachelors and solo tourists. 

The best-known spot in Pattaya is its red light area – The Walking street. One can experience a totally different face of Thailand there. There will be no one judging you, so just let down your hair and let go of your sled and enjoy your life to the max!

There are unique museums, amusement parks, and splendid malls where you can explore the city with your loved ones. There are other tourist destinations like Wong Phrachan Beach, Alcazar Show, Art in Paradise, Ripley’s World, and many more.

21.  Scuba Diving at Pattaya: 

Scuba Diving is the most popular water sport in Thailand and considered as the best activity in Pattaya which should not be missed. It should be in your list of the top 10 things to do in Thailand if you love adventure. You will explore the reefs, caves, and underwater wrecks on the island.

Explore the most beautiful dive sites which you can enjoy with the crystal clear water while doing scuba diving. Manta rays, whale sharks, barracudas, eels, and other species will swim with you while gliding through the water. 

Another best thing about this activity is that you need not know how to scuba dive or even swim, you will be guided through each and every step by a well trained PADI certified divers. 

Best Scuba diving spots are – Jomtien Beach and Coral Islands

22.  Visit The Sanctuary of Truth:

One of the most fascinating places in Thailand in the Rachvate Cape. This is one of the world’s famous architectural marvels. Craved complete with teak wood, this place was started off to be unbiased due to their religion and preaches some of life’s most important essence through its cream. The construction was begun in 1980s and is still going on. You can also see some of the Hindu god’s sculptures present there also. 


23.  Pattaya Walking Street:

The very reason why Pattaya is known as Sin City is this very street. A major red-light area of Pattaya is where all the fun and frolic happens. The entertainment hotspot of Thailand is a tourist magnet. If you visit this place before 8 pm it will look like any other street in Pattaya. But once you are into the night and over 10 pm, then the actual fun starts. 

From 7 pm to 3 am no vehicles are allowed into this bustling, nocturnal street of 2km. There is a myriad of choices to choose from, from live music concerts to go-go bars. There is a string of good restaurants as well where you can listen to some good music and have sumptuous meals. you can also just see life go by on the Pattaya pier. 

Unlike its preceding fame, this street is now being revamped and made suitable for all kinds of travelers. 

24.  Pattaya Floating Markets:

A must visit place in Thailand – are the Floating markets. An Asian version of Venice, this place is full of ever-busy people. spread over a whopping 100,000 sqm this river market came into existence only in the year 2008. It consists of about 114 stalls which are either floating or traditionally built huts on stilts selling almost everything from fresh fruits and veggies to eateries and souvenirs. 

Present on the Sukhumvit Road, this vast market has been divided into 4 sections, each representing different regions of Thailand, namely – north, northeast, central, and south of Thailand. The preferable time to visit this market is during the afternoon as there usually are cultural shows organized at that time. You also get to see boxing matches, traditional dance demos, demos of Thai cooking as well. 

So when you are in Pattaya, do try and make it to this wonderful market!


If you wonder what to do in Thailand, Phuket is another city just like Pattaya, that offers a complete travel package for a holiday. It is the biggest island in Thailand and the most popular destination among the tourists especially honeymoon couples. 

Places of Worship:

25:  Visit the Big Buddha in Phuket: 

The iconic grand idol of Buddha in Phuket is popularly known as the Big Buddha. It is one of the most revered landmarks in Phuket. 

The religious place is located on the top of Nakkerd hills. You will see a 45 meters tall Buddha statue that can be seen easily from Phuket city, Chalong Bay, and many more places. This is a must see place in Phuket. 

Scenic Beaches:

26.  Visit the Surin Beach at Phuket: 

Surin beach is an absolutely beautiful beach and is known as a millionaire’s place since a lot of top celebrities are seen enjoying it. You will see the luxury and lavish resorts at the beach. 

Surin BeachThis is a prime spot and you can oversee the best view of the Andaman Sea. You will see fine white sand and turquoise water which magnifies the scenic beauty of the coastal place. You will find high-end hotels housing high-end restaurants, and wine bars along the coast, which is quite expensive.

27.  Enjoy at Patong beach:

Patong beach is one of the best places in Phuket. You will find a variety of activities and nightlife at this beach. There are many restaurants, beer bars, Go-Go Bars and nightclubs, especially for the bachelors. Spend a night on Walking Street, Pattaya. This raucous and chaotic street in Pattaya is a major tourist attraction that provides the best nightlife around. The wild nightlife at the beach will give you an unforgettable experience. If you love adventure, you can also try parasailing, jet skiing, etc.

Patong Beach

28.  Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in Phi Phi Island:

Phi Phi island is one of the best places to go in Thailand. This is among the top places in Phuket as the beauty of the island attracts more couples and will never disappoint them. You’ll explore the beaches, cliffs, and viewpoint and enjoy the legendary beach parties all night long.

If you love adventure, then scuba diving is the best water sports activity you need to experience in Phuket. You will enjoy the coral reefs, caves, and wrecks under the water. It is the best water sports for underwater enthusiasts. Phi Phi island provides the best pace for these adrenaline-pumping activities. 

Snorkeling in Koh Phi Phi will definitely give you the most heart-pumping things to do in Thailand. You will explore the island with a fun-filled activity and gain an aquatic experience. This should be in your bucket list if you are an adventurous person. You will enjoy the crystal clear water and the incredible scenery inside the sea. A Snorkeling trip to Thailand will leave you wanting more and more. 

29.  Enjoy the diving at Similan Island: 

Similan Island, nature’s paradise has dozens of diving activities. It is considered as the top dive sites in Thailand. The island brings bliss to divers with its colorful corals and the marine creatures. You will see the yellow boxfish, sharks, and many more marine creatures while diving at the place. 

You can also explore the Koh Tao, which is nestled in the Gulf of Thailand. You can explore the clear and fabulous array of corals. 


30.  Enjoy the nightlife at Bangla Street: 

Bangla Street is famous for its nightlife in Phuket. The popularity of the place has been continuously increasing as many tourists come over the years. 

Bangla road stretches from the beach to Jung Ceylon Shopping Mall. You’ll witness a lot of performers demonstrating the pole dancing skills on the streets. You will also enjoy live music during your visit. 

31.  Enjoy the Fantasea show at Phuket: 

The Fantasea show of Phuket is one of the best cultural shows in Thailand. The essence of Thai culture with new technology attracts more travelers to this place. It is the only place in Thailand that offers such kind of entertainment. You will explore many restaurants that serve a gigantic Thai and other international buffets. You will witness beautiful architectures, ancient Thai temples, and castles at this place. 

32.  Watch the Siam Niramit show in Phuket: 

The Siam Niramit show is one of the best shows to see and you should not miss the show during your tour. You will witness a museum of traditional Thai houses to discover at this place. Hundreds of performers relay religious beliefs with extraordinary music and colorful environment. 

Siam Niramit

33.  Watch a sunset at Promthep Cape: 

Promthep Cape is a must visit place in Thailand for the photographers as it has beautiful viewpoints. It is considered as Phuket’s most photographed point as the tourists gather to watch the cape sunset. You can enjoy the place with your friends and loved ones and enjoy the island’s serenity. 

Promthep Cape


34.  Flight of the Gibbon: 

Flight of the Gibbon is a popular adventurous attraction in Thailand. It is the most important destination for travelers in Chiang Mai. The zip line, a globally renowned outdoor thrill activity is famous at this place.  You can zip more than 6 km through the ancient rainforest with steep trees and thick foliage. It provides the genuine zip line adventure with abseils, sky bridges, and nature trails. It provides an attraction for adventurous people. You should include  in your bucket list to enjoy the thrilling outdoor activity while traveling to Thailand. 

Flight of the Gibbon

35.  Enjoy the Sunday night market: 

This place is a must for all the food lovers and shopaholics. You’ll experience the best time at the night market of Chiang Mai on Sunday evening. You can explore the delicious food, jewelry, sunglasses, clothes, and arts, etc. You’ll enjoy a lot of local dishes like Khaosoi curry, crunchy noodles. 

Sunday night market at Chiang Mai

36.  Play with the elephants: 

Many tourists love to interact with elephants. Elephant Nature Park is one of the best sanctuaries that care for rehabilitated elephants. You can roam with the elephants with an endless round of rides. You can bathe and feed the elephants and also get a chance to learn about each animal’s past. You can take care of the rescued and rehabilitated animals in the elephant park. 



37.  Visit the White Temple: 

The white temple in Chiang Rai is one of the most interesting temples around Thailand. You’ll see a massive compound with beautiful sculptures which will feel like a vibrant guardian of paradise. If you are planning a visit to some of the temples in northern Thailand, then this should be one of them.

White Temple

38.  Trip to the Golden Triangle:

One of the most interesting places in Chiang Rai is the Golden Triangle – An intersection of 3 countries: Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand which are separated by the Mekong River. If you are also planning to visit the neighboring countries, Chiang Rai acts as a transit city that provides easy transportation. 

Locally known as the Sop Ruak, this place is an extremely popular tourist spot. Once the hub of Opium, now a place of beautiful and serene landscape surrounded by mountains, embellished fauna, and the exotic indigenous tribes living there. One can visit the hilltop Buddha temple, the famous Golden buddha sitting in a boat and the Opium Museum amidst the mesmerizing mountains and the river,

39.  Doi Mae Hua Kham:

If you want to experience paradise on earth, then Doi Mae Hua Kham is the best place in Thailand during winter. The surrounding green grasses and the blooming flowers give a magnificent view. The fresh and clean air will give you extraordinary comfort and you can click some photos of the beauty of the landscape. You can also explore more about the tribal people and can see them performing cultural and dance shows if lucky.

Doi Mae Hua Kham


40.  Visit the Sukhothai historical park:

Sukhothai historical park is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the best places to visit in Thailand. The locals are very friendly and you will be welcomed by them. You can rent a bicycle and explore the place.

Sukhothai historical park

41.  Explore the Sukhothai by hiring a bicycle: 

The ancient history and culture of Thailand provides the dawn of happiness to everyone. You can explore the place by hiring a bicycle and discover the ancient city with the old monuments. This will be an unforgettable moment during your visit to Thailand. 



42.  City of Ayutthaya:

Ayutthaya is a place of gigantic monasteries and gives an idea of its past glory. It was the second capital of the Siamese kingdom after Sukhothai. It is located on an island surrounded by three rivers connecting the city to the sea. It is also a world heritage site by UNESCO well known for its contemporary sources and maps.  



43: Climb the steps to the Tiger Temple: 

Climb the 1237 steps to the Tiger Temple and you will spend the best way to explore Thailand. If you love adventure, then this place is the best place for you to experience. You will gradually enjoy the steep steps to reach the top of the Tiger Temple. The monks can also give a religious retreat at the hills as this place is a perfect utopia for them. 

Tiger Cave Temple

44.  Experience the Kanchanaburi waterfalls: 

If you are at Erawan National Park, then enjoy visiting the Kanchanaburi waterfalls and feel cool, calm and refreshing. You need to complete a 2 Km hike to reach the top pool. But indeed this place is totally worth it during your tour to Thailand.

45. Thong Pha Phum:

You will find a great and relaxing atmosphere at the peak of the galaxy and experience an adventure not like any other. The beautiful scenery and the fresh air will make you fresh and give a positive vibe.  You need to take a special cable car to get to the top. And this will be one of the best experience for you while traveling in Thailand. You will see the amazing view of rice fields, canyon, and rivers below.


46.  Visit the Phanom Rung temple: 

Thailand is famous mostly for Buddhist culture. However, Phanom Rung is one of the Hindu temples that is very interesting to visit. It is a 13th-century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in Nang Rong district. 

Phanom Rung temple


Krabi Island is known as the hidden paradise for its enthralling beaches and the calm ambiance. Located near Phi Phi Island, it can also be reached by ferry services or direct flight from Bangkok. 

If you are planning a quiet, relaxing yet an adventurous holiday, Krabi Island is the best place for you. You will see the scenic beauty with a series of limestone hills, clear sea water. You can also do water activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, kite surfing, kayaking and any other water sport you can think of. Ao Nang beach and Railay beach are the two famous destinations in Krabi Island which will give you an all-round experience of a thrilling island vacation.

47.  Explore the caves in Krabi: 

Plan a tour to Tham Klang at Krabi Island and explore the deep caves for adventure. You can climb and get dirty, explore the inside of the caves with the trainers. This is the best thing to do in Thailand while you are on tour. 

Krabi Cave

48Rock climbing at Railay beach:

Railay beach makes a perfect retreat for those who want a calm and cool surrounding from the bustling and hustling city life. You can relax on the pristine sands and this will be a fascinating experience for you. It will become a memorable moment for you at the Railay beach during your holiday package. 

The lovely waters and white sands with plenty of limestone cliffs provide an adrenaline activity for many of the travelers. It is the best place in Southeast Asia for rock climbing.

49.  James Bond Island Tour: 

66 foot-tall, nail-like Limestone rock jutting out of the serene blue ocean surrounded by lush greenery is one of the most picturesque vacation spots of Thailand. Tourists have not stopped flooding this island since the release of the James Bond Movie – The Man with the Golden Gun (1974). And thus this infamous name!

Locally known as the islet Koh Tapu, just 40 meters from the island – Khao Phing Kan is the epicenter of tourist attraction. There are many pre-organized tours arranged by many operators to this must-visit place in Thailand. Depending on the duration of the tour it can be clubbed with other options like the world-famous Floating Islands of Koh Panyee as well. 

Just make sure to book your desired boat (Long-Tailed boat, Speed boat, Cruise, etc) in advance given the tourist hotspot it is. There are plenty of options for you to explore on this island tour like canoeing, kayaking through the mangrove forests, exploring the caves, and many more.

50. Four Island Tour:

The postcard trip of Krabi Island covering some of the most iconic destinations. An ideal trip to go on with your family or your better half on your honeymoon. Just choose your boat and you are all set to have a day of wonderment. Don’t forget your camera, sunscreen lotion, and a hat!


There may be slight variations in the itinerary depending on the tour operators. The usual itinerary on this tour is – 

  • Chicken Island 
  • Tup Island
  • Pranang Beach and
  • Poda Island

During this tour you can snorkel along with the underwater marine, just relax under the sun sipping on some cocktails, explore the Princess cave of Pranang beach, and if you get lucky with low tides, you can also experience a mesmerizing walk on the sand bar(Talay Waek) connecting Tup and Mor Islands and many more such splendid things to do in Thailand.

Final Thoughts: 

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations and tourist places in South East Asia. It has loads of tourism attractions starting from lustrous forests, pristine beaches with tranquil blue waters, sacred Buddhist places, and lively areas. 

Nothing can beat the beautiful islands and floating markets that fume with lure and adventure. If you are planning a trip and wondering what to do in Thailand, then the above list of 50 unmissable things to do in Thailand will help you during your travel. There are a plethora of places to visit in Thailand. I have mentioned the best places in Thailand that will help make your trip to this incredible place unforgettable.

Rock your trip to Thailand!!!