How an Indian Backpacker can survive in Thailand under $20 per day


Backpacking to Thailand? You will be able to experience and explore a lot of places in this land of smiles. The wonderful thing about backpacking Thailand is that it is economical and affordable for everyone. 

As the travelers’ hub of Southeast Asia, Thailand has become the center of attraction for most of the first time backpackers. The lush jungles, well-known beaches, world-class adventurous activities, delicious food, and crazy parties attract many visitors from all over the world. 

The country also caters to budget-friendly trips for backpackers. You can find cheap guesthouses and hotel suites according to your budget. A budget of just $20 per day will go a long way during your stay in Thailand. 

This kingdom might seem a bit expensive compared to other neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. However, there are some backpacker’s travel hacks, which will help you survive in Thailand on a tight budget. Moving around in Thailand will be easy, convenient, and relatively safe when you travel solo.

Arriving at Thailand: 

There are multiple international flights that connect many of the major cities in Thailand to India. However, most backpackers arrive via Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, and other major cities. 

Bangkok has two airports (Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Muaeng Airport). Many major flights like Air Asia, Indigo, and Spice Jet land at DMK Airport. Other international flights like Thai Airways and Air India land at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Why Thailand?

Thailand is a very popular backpacking destination because one can witness and explore so many things in one country. It houses some of the most beautiful islands and pristine beaches in the world. It’s beautiful jungles and temples make the place even more attractive. 

Whatever you wish to do, you can do it in Thailand. You can just chill out on a hammock with a beer, visit the golden Buddha, party all night, and enjoy the nightlife in this lively cities.

Best Travel itineraries for a backpacker to survive in Thailand: 

Below mentioned are some travel itineraries for Thailand. You can easily customize it according to your requirements. 

Check and complete the visa on arrival procedures post landing in Thailand. 

The following itinerary will definitely help you in choosing best-suited accommodations and other necessary things. 

You can start your trip by visit the capital city, Bangkok and make your way south, to Phuket and Krabi. The eastern part will give you beach city Pattaya and Chiang Mai is towards the north. Check the flights according to your plan. All the above-mentioned cities have an operational airport. 

How an Indian backpacker can survive in Thailand under $20?

Accommodation in Thailand:

Thailand is knitted out for all kinds of budget backpackers. You will find hostels and a few economic hotels according to your budget. It depends on the level of bedding you need according to your lifestyle and money. So choosing accommodation is going to have a big impact on your overall spending. You will get a mid-range hotel within 300 THB.

Food and drinks: 

Thailand has a variety of local dishes and western food items and you’re never too far from street food stalls or restaurants. You can probably crave a pizza, or order some Thai food (like Rice, Noodles) anytime and anywhere.

The street food in Thailand is inexpensive and you’ll get to taste authentic Thai cuisine. So, if you are looking to keep your Thailand trip cost minimum, there is nothing to worry about spending more on food.

You can easily get your meal within 40 THB. So, spending 80 baht per day for your meal is quite economical.


Getting around Thailand is quite cheap and easy. Indeed it is probably the most backpacker-friendly place to travel around within your time and budget. 

There are a range of options to move around the city and from one city to another. 

In Bangkok, the BTS sky train and MTS subway trains make travel convenient. You’ll also get Tuk-Tuks and taxis to move from one place to another. 

The BTS and MTS services have spread across the city. This makes your transport more convenient without making a big impact on your trip’s budget.

The BTS sky train allows visitors to travel anywhere by avoiding traffic, and hustle and bustle of the city. It is the most comfortable public transportation method in Bangkok. Visitors can cover all parts of Bangkok and make their travel safe, and easy.

You can buy a day’s pass for BTS which you can use it from morning 6 AM to 11.59 PM that costs 150 THB per person. You can also get a pass for 200 baht which is valid for up to 1 year. This option will be more viable for you if you are planning for a longer trip. You just need to add the top-up amount for further traveling.

Here are some significant places which you might also want to travel to. Do consider these options as well and see which is more suitable to you 

You can also depart to Pattaya from Bangkok by bus. The most frequent departures of buses are from the Eastern bus terminal at the Ekkamai bus station. You will find both air-conditioned and ordinary buses for every thirty minutes between 5.30 AM to 11 PM. Normal buses will take 20 baht less than the first-class buses. The buses will take approx. 110 Baht per person. You will also get buses from the northern terminal of Mochit bus station. You will reach Pattaya within 2 hours. 

If you want to travel to any other parts of Thailand like northern, eastern, southern, or central part, you’ll easily get buses from the above-mentioned bus stations.

You’ll see several signs in Thai and English across the bus stop. Just hop on the right bus. If you don’t want to take a taxi and if you have enough time, you can catch a bus from these stations. For an average journey of 15-20 miles, the bus will take about 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

There are several mini-vans also available that provide a tour of Pattaya at around 400 THB per person. However, if you want door to door service, then take a taxi. 

Final Calculation: 

Accommodation: Hotel cost – 300 baht 

Food: 100 baht 

Transport: 150 baht 

Total: 550 baht = 17.81 dollars(Less than 20 $ per person)