Top 10 Most Visited Bangkok Night Markets For Tourists


“I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.”
– Vincent Van Gogh

Can’t disagree, right? Rightly said by Van Gogh that nights are more alive than day. This sentiment truly captures the essence of Bangkok’s night markets. Do you know what puts the feather on the cap of nightlife? It is sparkling lights that doll up night markets as a bride. Hurry up and read about the best night markets in Bangkok.

Bangkok night markets have significant cultural, economic, and social values. They reflect Thailand’s cultural heritage and people. With their skills and hard work, the vendors and artisans contribute to maintaining the country’s identity.

These markets beautifully present traditional foods, crafts, and performances on your plates, creating a festive atmosphere. Night markets in Bangkok become a ground for fostering interactions.

These markets offer unique experiences that enrich cultural heritage and support local economies. So, let’s learn and explore Bangkok’s popular night markets.

Srinagarindra Train Night Market

Srinagarindra Train Market (Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin) is located at Soi 51, Srinakarin (right behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall). Let me tell you what specialty this market offers. It is exclusively for people who love antiques and vintage goods. Though it is quite far from central Bangkok, people love visiting it.

Do you know what makes this market unique? It boasts the old American vintage charm.

It is a gigantic night market that tests your fitness. So, be ready to walk; exploring this night market in Bangkok for shopping will take more than two hours. But don’t worry—you won’t feel the pain because the art installations, vintage stalls, and a great hipster vibe will keep you energetic.

It has a lively atmosphere with shopping stalls selling good clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, furniture, and ornaments. So, get souvenirs for your loved ones from this market. In addition to these, you can also find barber shops, tattoo shops, beauty parlours and massage services. What adds a cherry on top for selfie lovers is that you can get good photo-taking spots to capture your moments and make a memory album.

To cheer up your mood, grab some food. You need not search for food; your nose will take you directly to the aromatic food stalls. This market is popular for its diverse food options. Pad Thai (stir-fried noodles), Moo Ping (grilled pork skewers), Tom Yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup), and Kai Yang (grilled chicken) are some of the loved dishes here. If you are daring enough, try some exotic food items like insects.

If you don’t like Bangkok’s crowded market, this is your perfect night train market to visit in Bangkok.

Srinagarindra Train Night Market

Location: Click here to know Srinagarindra Train Market

Timings: 5 PM – 1 AM (Thursday to Sunday)

Modes of Transportation:

  • Taxi: You can take a direct taxi to this night market in Bangkok.
  • BTS Skytrain: You can also take the Skytrain to On Nut station and then take a taxi to the market.

Nearby Sightseeings: Jamadin Bridge, One Siam Skywalk, Mahanakhon Square

Pratunam Night Market

Located in the city center, in the Ratchathewi district, Pratunam Night Market boasts a lively atmosphere full of people. It is considered one of the biggest Night Markets in Bangkok.

If you are looking for good deals in Bangkok? Then, you must visit Pratunam Night Market, a popular night market offering the best deals on merchandise. Your eyes will be amazed to see lots of stalls selling whatnot. Electronics, phone accessories, watches, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, handicrafts, bags, souvenirs. This is the exact market where the shopaholics will go crazy as you get everything at a reasonable or wholesale price. And the best part is you can customize your gifts like key chains, bags, pouches, t-shirts, and many more.

Once the shopping is done, next is food. For people with a sweet tooth, grab a scoop of fresh coconut ice cream, which will make you crave more and end up having more. Mango sticky rice is another dessert to try. Also, non-veg lovers can find varieties of grilled meats like chicken, pork, and beef with dipping sauce. But if you are a vegetarian, you can go for different Thai curries like green, yellow, and red curry, which is generally served with rice or noodles.

Pratunam Night MarketImage Source

Location: Click here to know Pratunam Night Market

Timings: 7 PM – 3 AM (Mon-Sun)

Modes of Transportation:

  • BTS Skytrain: Taking a train to Ratchaprarop Station is a cost-effective way. And from there, 400 meters of walk away.
  • Canal Boats are another way to Pratunam Night Market, which is just 3 minutes away from Palladium Night Market. So, take a canal boat to Palladium Night Market and walk 3 minutes to Pratunam Night Market. However, if you are considering taking canal boats, remember that they operate only until 8:00 p.m.; also, all Bangkok metro systems close at midnight.

Nearby Sightseeings: Indra Shrine, OneSiam Skywalk, BJYXSZDArt (Street Art), Mahanakhon Square

The One Ratchada

Just imagine shopping in the open-air outdoor mall ambiance, with stalls selling food and clothes and a market decorated with lights with fewer crowds. Isn’t it peaceful? The One Ratchada night market in Bangkok gives you the Christmas vibe with lights and outdoor seating next to palm leaves, and enjoy the drink with your own people. If you want to shop but avoid the crowded market, this is your perfect spot to shop and hang out.

The calm environment in The One Ratchada night market is because almost fifty percent of the shops are closed post-pandemic, thus making it extremely quiet. There are three sections in this night market- one for stalls selling goods, the second for food stalls, and then open bars.

You can also find pet shops. After shopping in this market, you can relax with wholesome and filling food and music playing in the shops. It is one of the most famous night markets in Bangkok, exclusively for peace lovers who love shopping and food but with fewer crowds.

The One RatchadaImage Source

Location: Click here to know The One Ratchada Night Market.

Timings: 4 PM – 12 AM (all days)

Modes of Transportation:

  • MRT Blue Line Metro: Take the metro to the MRT Station Cultural Center and follow the crowd that will take you to the night market.
  • Taxi: A taxi is reasonable in Bangkok, but only with a taximeter. It will directly drop you off at the night market.

Nearby Sightseeings: Jodd Fairs Night Market, Train market, the Street Ratchada, Indra Shrine

Patpong Night Market

Patpong Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand, is one of the most happening night markets. Here, you can get a glimpse of all aspects of this city. Shopping and food are common in each market, but entertainment makes this market slightly different. This market is the entertainment hub for many people.

Let’s first talk about Souvenirs. This night market in Bangkok has traditional Thai souvenir shops for takeaway. Apart from that, you get the first copy of branded clothes. The first copies of all brands, like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Versace, etc., not just the clothes but also the bags, sunglasses, handbags, wristwatches and clutches. If you want to practice after watching a Thai Muay fighting show, you can buy boxing gloves from this market.

Night markets in Bangkok are fun, but it is important to know that they offer adult entertainment. Cannabis stores can be easily found in the Patpong night market. Entertainment venues, from massage parlors to go-go bars, can also be found in this market, which may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, before visiting this night market in Bangkok, ensure that the people you are visiting are comfortable.

Patpong Night MarketImage Source

Location: Click here to know Patpong Night Market.

Timings: 6 PM – 1 AM (all days)

Modes of Transportation:

Patpong Night Market is in Silom, Bangkok, Thailand. You can get there by MRT, Taxi or BTS.

  • MRT: Take the MRT subway to Si Lom Station and cross Exit 2. Cross SiLom Street to BTS Sala Daeng Station.
  • Taxi: Book a Taxi and ask the driver to take you to Patpong Night Market.
  • BTS: Take the BTS SkyTrain to Sala Daeng Station and leave via Exit 1.

Nearby Sightseeings: Mahanakhon Sculpture Park, MBK shopping center, Siam Paragon, Centralworld, Jim Thompson House Museum, Pantip Plaza, Lumpini Park

Liab Duan Market, Ramintra

Happy, happy, happy! Happiness is what you get in this clean, colorful night market, which has many things to make your heart flutter. Liab Duan Market is known as “Night Market by the Highway.” It is a perfect place to hang out with family and kids. Though it is not a big night market, every member will find something interesting. You can also find vintage items, accessories, antiques, knock-off luxury goods, and more. Food of all types, from Thai Classic dishes, skewers and Grilled Items to desserts, are available here. Also, bars and pubs offer lower prices than those in the city center. Let me list the unique things that you see in this market.

Many photo-taking spots exist, such as the traditional red telephone booth, bumble bee, Optimus Prime and transformer statues.

Unlike the tourist markets, it has Fun rides such as a Ferris wheel, a bouncing castle and carnival games.

The activities, food, and shops make this night market in Bangkok lively. The prices are also affordable. So, Liab Duan Market, Ramintra, is the destination for budget-conscious shoppers.

Liab Duan Market, RamintraImage Source

Location: Click here to know Liab Duan Night Market.

Timings: 6 PM to 2 AM

Modes of Transportation:

Located in Ramintra district, Bangkok.

  • Metro: The nearest MRT station is the Lat Phrao Metro Station (Lat Phrao) Pink Line.

[Note: Taking a taxi is recommended for this market].

Nearby Sightseeings: Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), New Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, The Mall Lifestore Bangkapi

Hua Mum Night Market

Every night market has some unique identity. Do you know what Hua Mum Night Market in Bangkok holds?

The highlight of this market is one restaurant, “Hunk Seafood,” where muscular waiters wear drag clothing (dressed as females). Usually, they wear skimpy nightwear and serve food to the customers. Every once in a while, a song comes on, and they start dancing, which entertains the customers.

Hua Mum Night Market is a famous night market in Bangkok. It offers amazing carnival games, good food, affordable clothing and accessories, and a local vibe. Stalls and restaurants are decorated beautifully. This market caters to the needs of the younger crowd, with an aim for trendy styles at bargain prices. Bingsu- is the most popular dessert to be tried in this market.

Hua Mum Night MarketImage Source

Location: Click here to know Hua Mum Night Market

Timings: 5 PM – 12 AM

Modes of Transportation:

You have to drive 40 minutes from the city center to get to this night market in Bangkok.

  • Metro: Take the MRT to Lat Phrao station, from where you can take a taxi.
    [Note – Getting there: It takes about 15 minutes by MRT to Lat Phrao station and then by taxi].
  • Taxi: You can also take a taxi for easier access.

Nearby Sightseeings: Jim Thompson House, Central Eastville, Siam Amazing Park, Chocolate Ville, Wonder World Extreme Park

Owl Night Market

Talad Nok Hook is another name for this market. This night market is mostly known for its friendly atmosphere and great bargains. It becomes more lively during live music performances. Not just clothing, food, and accessories; this market also has a good collection of handicrafts, home decor, and souvenirs. You can also find plants, vintage items, books, and even quirky finds that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Owl Night MarketImage Source

Prices are generally much cheaper than others. This market offers every kind of food, including Thai snacks, dishes, and international options. Fresh fruit juices, Thai iced tea, and coffee will energize you. Not only this, it has small amusement rides for kids. So, tell me what your take on it is. Will you visit or skip it? If interested, check the details below-

Location: Click here to know Owl Night Market.

Timings: 3 PM – 12 AM

Modes of Transportation:

  • MRT: This market is easily accessible from the Yaek Nonthaburi 1 train station (Purple Line), just a few minutes drive/car ride away.
  • Taxi: Another good way to reach the market is by taxiing from Pratunam.

Nearby Sightseeings: Sanan Memorial Pavilion, Viewing Point(Wat Arun), Jurassic Adventure

Indy Night Market Dao Khanong

Do you need a fresh new look for yourself? Indy Night Market is the perfect place to get a haircut or style while you’re on holiday. Like other night markets, this market helps you find everything. Though it’s a market for local products, it is very popular among tourists for selling authentic and affordable goods. Clothes, handicrafts, food, everything you get here is accompanied by bars, cafes and live music, so it’s vibrant in nature. You can even simply sit and relax in this market.

Indy Night Market Dao KhanongImage Source

Location: Click here to know Indy Night Market

Timings: 5 PM – 12 AM (all days)

Modes of Transportation:

  • BTS Skytrain: If you want to take the BTS Skytrain, you can go to WongWian Yai station and get a taxi to the market.
  • Taxi: For an easy and hassle-free trip, you can also take a direct taxi to Indy Night Market Bangkok.
    Nearby Sightseeing: Chaloemla Park (Graffiti Park), OneSiam Skywalk, Lumpini Park, Ancient City Wall.

[Note : Indy Night Market is 20-30 minutes away from central Bangkok. No public station is nearby, so taking a taxi is best. Thonburi is a short taxi ride away.

Chinatown Night Market

Roaming in Chinatown, you find the 3 ‘S’; do you know what they are? Smell, Sight and Sound. It is a lively town with bright lights that catch your gaze; aromatic street food tempts your tongue and shops playing music make your mood cheerful.

Bangkok’s Chinatown is located on Yaowarat Road, which will be your savior if you are craving Chinese Cuisine. You can treat yourself to a bowl of hot, delicious noodles. In addition to noodles, the restaurant serves popular Thai dishes, along with fruits and desserts. So, whatever your taste buds crave, grab it.

Chinatown is not just about food. You can also find Chinese souvenirs, electronics, clothes, and medicines here. Clothes are trendy and affordable, and electronics are, too, but make sure to check the warranty before buying.

Chinatown Night Market

Location: Click here to know Chinatown Night Market.

Timings: 4 PM – 9 PM

Modes of Transportation:

  • Boat: To reach Chinatown in Bangkok, take a Chao Phraya River Express boat from the nearest pier, like the Sathorn Pier near the Saphan Taksin Skytrain stop. The trip costs around 15 baht and takes about 15 minutes, providing a scenic but occasionally crowded journey.
  • MRT Blue Line: To quickly reach Chinatown, use the Wat Mangkon subway stop on the MRT Blue Line. Though options may be limited initially, the station offers easy navigation with English signs and automatic ticketing machines. Tickets start at 15 baht and vary with the number of stations passed.

Nearby Sightseeings: Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Traimit, China Gate, Wat Chakrawat Ratchawat, Wat Mangkon Kamalawat Temple

Palladium Night Market

Palladium Night Market is one of the good markets in Bangkok where you can get almost everything. You can get all your daily needs, from skincare, cosmetics, t-shirts, bags, herbal shops, leather goods, stationary and souvenirs, colorful displays of traditional crafts, handmade crafts, and trendy fashion items.

As it is a small market, you will get very few stalls selling food, so you might get fewer options if you consider this night market for food in Bangkok. Also, spending an evening in this wonderful night market in Bangkok is worth it.

Palladium Night MarketImage Source

Location: Click here to know Palladium Night Market.

Timings: 6 PM – 11 PM

Modes of Transportation:

  • Airport Rail Link: Taking the Airport Rail Link train to Ratchaprarop Station is a good option, and walking along Ratchaprarop Road for approximately 500 meters and you reach your destination.
  • Ferry Ride: Witthayu Bridge Pier is the nearest ferry station to Palladium Night Market, which is just a 12 min walk away
  • BTS: Take the BTS SkyTrain to Phaya Thai Station, then a transfer to Airport Rail Link Phaya Thai Station, and get down at Ratchaprarop Station, and this night market is just a minute’s walk away.
  • Boat: Take Khong Saen Saep Express Boat to Pratunam port. Then, cross Fetchaburi Road and you can find Palladium Night Market on the same side of this street.
  • Taxi or Uber: Booking a cab or taking a taxi to this night market is the easiest as it will drop you off exactly at Palladium night market.

Nearby Sightseeings: The Platinum Fashion Mall, Nai Lert Park Heritage Home, Thai Labour Museum.

Tips to Remember

  • Bargaining: Thai people are very humble. While negotiating, be polite in your tone and respectful in your behavior, as you never know it might surprise you with good deals.
  • Bring Cash: Always keep cash with you, as not all vendors accept cards or net banking.
  • Be Mindful of Your Belongings: When shopping in Bangkok’s night markets, be attentive and take care of your belongings because it will be crowded; “Prevention is better than cure.”
    [Note: Carrying a crossbody bag to keep cash will be a good option as it will be close to your body].
  • Market Type: Before visiting the night market, check the ambiance according to your preference, i.e., crowded or less crowded.
  • Dress Comfortably: Comfortable shoes and clothes will help you move around easily, as you’ll be doing a lot of walking in the night markets of Bangkok.
  • Be Aware of Fake Goods: If you have doubts about fake brands, it is better not to buy them.


Markets look alive at night. Roaming around the city, shopping and having food are best during the night. Adding these Bangkok’s night markets to your itinerary will double your holiday experience. So, let’s plan a fun-adventures trip and explore the scenic beauty that this night markets has to offer.