20 Tips for Indian Solo Women Travelers to Thailand


Are you an independent and solo female traveler? If so, then Thailand in Southeast Asia is the place for you. 

Some people have mixed feelings when they hear about the nightlife of Thailand. But as a solo female traveler in Thailand, you will observe that some things are exaggerated and things have changed for the better and you will return back with a feeling of awe of Thailand.

You might have one question in your mind “Is Thailand a safe place for solo female travelers”? It is as safe as it can be. The key concern in Thailand for solo female travelers is the crimes, scams, assaults, etc. If you are a backpacker who has the courage to travel and meet new people then you’ll love Thailand. 

Let’s read some tips particularly for solo female travelers to Thailand, that will help you gear towards the best travel experience in Thailand.

1.  Choose safe accommodation: 

Choosing the safest accommodation is one of the most crucial factors in Thailand for solo female travelers

When you travel alone, you should relax and take rest after visiting places. It’s better to book your hotels and accommodations in advance to enable you to have a sound sleep at night during your trip.

Choose the accommodation at the Prime areas where you can walk along with the crowd. Bangkok is such a lively city that you will enjoy your night walk for sure. It’s better to book hotels near the main beach area in Pattaya and Phuket. Read the reviews and see people’s comments before choosing accommodation in Thailand for solo female travelers.

2.  Befriend with the locals: 

The land of smiles, Thailand is a lovely place for solo female travelers. If you speak a little in Thai, the locals will give you a pretty smile. The locals are very helpful. You just need to be polite to them.

The Thai people are too kind and they want to talk to foreigners. The best way in Thailand for solo female travelers is to befriend locals and to talk to them first. Most of the Thai people are timid in nature; they don’t talk to strangers much. They will simply say bye and run away. They are friendlier with a solo female traveler. You need to talk with them enough times until they lose their nervousness. They will appreciate you once they come to know you.

3.  Street safety at night: 

For a solo female traveler, Thailand is a safe place at night and you need not feel afraid while walking around at night time in Thailand. There are often many people around, even late at night. You’ll see some crowds near tourist places, especially on the main roads.

Use a cross-body bag for your safety which is harder for someone to snatch it. While walking in Thailand, solo female travelers should walk confidently, which will give you an appearance that you know the places very well, just like the locals, and can get you a lesser chance for an easy target.

4.  Cautious about your belongings: 

Thailand is a developing country and for a solo female traveler, Thailand can be visited with less than $20. Thai people are extremely honest and friendly. But still, it is not good to flash around a lot of cash.

Keep your belongings in a safe place. One of the things to remember while in Thailand for solo female travelers is better to keep a copy of your passport with you. Keep only a limited amount of cash in your bag. If you ever have a bad experience, the original documents will be most useful. Keep your bags in a safe manner to avoid “grab and snatch”.

You will find lesser violent crimes against foreigners. But petty crime like bag-snatching is common in specific areas. Thus, walk as far away from the roadside keeping your bag away from the rush.

5.  Transportation: 

Transportation in Thailand is the biggest concern for every traveler. The MTS and BTS trains are one mode of transportation where you will feel safe in Thailand. For solo female travelers, Thailand night trains are safe as well.

When it comes to transportation, plenty of options are there to choose from in Thailand for solo female travelers. You’ll find taxis around cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, and Chiang Mai. It’s better to take the taxis which run on meters. Use the Uber and Grab car for better convenience.

For solo female travelers, Thailand offers a budget-friendly journey. You’ll find the buses at a cheap and reasonable rate. This is the most useful way in Thailand for solo female travelers. If you use the buses frequently, you will rarely encounter any problem. But remember; keep your valuables near you.

Tuk Tuks and Motorbike Taxis are available to travel for short distances in Bangkok and Pattaya. 

Thailand also has ferry services. Some ferries depart early in the morning. So be ready at the pier to get the ferry easily. You can travel from Phuket to Krabi, Pattaya to nearby islands using the ferry services.

6.  Clothes to wear: 

For a solo female traveler, Thailand provides an opportunity for women to wear a variety of clothes. Definitely, you want to stay comfortable in Thailand’s hot and humid climate. Although it is a country where the infamous bar girls and ladyboys reside and they wear modest dresses, the clothing choices of foreigners will leave an impact on their culture.

Know the clothing trends that are acceptable across Thailand. Appearances in Thailand for solo female travelers is very important since it will have an effect on how you’re treated in Thailand. So choosing to dress appropriately will give you a good advent.

7.  How to adapt to the culture

Many solo female travelers have been flocking to Thailand in recent years. They easily adapt themselves to the culture of the land. 

Plenty of things are on offer in Thailand for solo female travelers who have nothing but a backpack for company. Love the Buddhist culture, respect the king, and put on a lovely smile on your face, the people of Thailand will definitely accept you within no time.

8.  Best ways to meet and greet people (Learn Thai Words): 

Thailand is the land of smiles. For a solo female traveler, Thailand being a kingdom of people who are friendly and lovable, you will get noticed and the people will give you respect regardless of the kind of traveler you are.

Learn some basic words and Thai phrases to show your effort to learn the Thai language before moving to Thailand. 

In Thailand, for solo female travelers to know some phrases like greeting the people in Thai, dealing with Tuk Tuk drivers, shopping at malls will help you to easily communicate during your trip.

9.  Best places to try Thai delicacies: 

There are several places in Thailand for solo female travelers to get authentic and genuine Thai cuisine. You’ll get street foods comparatively at cheaper prices in Thailand.

Thailand is home to the best street food in the world. Solo female travelers can indulge their appetites at one of the food vendors lining at the corner of the streets and enjoy the delicious cuisine.

Check the best street foods to taste when you are in Thailand.

10.  Don’t touch the monks in Thailand: 

Thailand respects its monks and for solo female travelers, Thailand educates the women in this aspect. Don’t touch the monks in Thailand. If you want to give anything to monks, then set it on the ground in front of them or give a man to handover. Female travelers are not allowed to sit next to monks on public transports. 

If you pass a monk on the street, let him go first by crossing you. In some temples, women are not allowed. So always check the sign before going in.

11.  Leave a copy of your travel itinerary with your family or close ones: 

The country is a jumble of unique places, each one attracting a number of travelers for several reasons. When you plan and decide your itinerary to explore Thailand, let your family and friends be aware of where and when you are going. The capital city is equipped with everything one needs. One of the things to do in Thailand for solo female travelers is to island-hop. But while island hopping at some isolated places as a solo female traveler you won’t be able to get in touch with your family. Thus, leave a copy of your travel itinerary with your near or dear ones.

12.  Make a list of emergency contact information: 

Nowadays most people use smartphones. These phones are used to store information and to carry out activities like booking flight tickets, hotel bookings, storing names of contact persons and their numbers, and many more.

But, what will you do when you lose your mobile? One of the fundamental things to do in Thailand for solo female travelers is to have a list of your emergency contact information whom you can contact immediately in case of emergencies, in a separate pocketbook.

13.  Keep yourself alert all the times: 

Don’t flaunt your valuables too much.  Don’t show off that you have more money. Keep your valuable belongings in the safest place. One of the important things to do in Thailand for solo female travelers is to note down the hotel receptionist number and connect with him/her when you are in an emergency.

To communicate with a taxi driver in any situation, a solo female traveler can connect to the hotel receptionist who can easily understand and convey the message in the local language.

14.  Dress in proper attire while in temples: 

Thailand is very rich in culture and heritage. For solo female travelers, Thailand exhibits its rich tradition and makes them aware of the dos and don’ts. When you are in a temple, always cover your shoulders and knees. There is a tradition for Thai women to dress up more conservatively by not wearing shorts or revealing dresses.

15.  Mind the booze: 

Drink to enjoy, not to lose. Consuming alcohol is tricky in Thailand for solo female travelers. Having too much to drink can make you vulnerable during your trip.

It can be one of the dicey situations you can put yourself into as a solo female traveler. Thus, drink in moderation and always be aware of your surroundings.

16.  Get the best service for adventurous activities: 

Thailand has a large coastline and you’ll find varied watersports activities. Some of the adventurous activities in Thailand for solo female travelers are paragliding, surfing, diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing, etc. You can check in Google for the best service providers or institutes who guide you in these activities.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, Thailand gives you the best options. For a solo female traveler, Thailand gives a lot of opportunities to experience adventurous activities, Dimaak shall help you in choosing the best service providers.

17.  Plan and prepare all your itinerary in advance: 

To avoid embarrassing situations, it is always better to plan your vacation well in advance. Draw an itinerary of the places you would like to see and things you would like to do.

For a solo female traveler, Thailand should be the chosen destination. As a solo female traveler, you are advised to book flight tickets in advance, choose accommodation as per budget, and enjoy the myriad of sightseeing places on offer.

18.  Prefer staying in hostels:

An ideal place in Thailand for solo female travelers is to stay in hostels that are not only cheap but also provide good facilities. You can also meet other independent travelers and start exploring new places based on their feedback.

Thailand has many red light areas where most of the unusual things happen. You should avoid staying in accommodations which is nearby to such places. These places are more suitable for bachelors and not for families or solo female travelers.

19.  Prefer joint tours: 

To understand and appreciate the beauty of a place an experienced guide is a necessity. One of the things in Thailand for solo female travelers is to finalize whether you want to travel with your own travel tour guide or go on joint tours with other tourists. 

For a solo female traveler, Thailand provides opportunities to travel with your own private Thai tour guide and enjoy a customized sightseeing tour suited to your personal tastes. Or opt for joint tours where you will meet tourists from different countries, you can exchange information, explore more and more places and it is safer.  

Female guides are also available who will not only share information but also take you to some unexplored places which perhaps even some locals may not be aware of.

It is preferable for solo female travelers to go on joint tours in Thailand.

20.  Don’t tell people where you’re staying: 

For a solo female traveler, Thailand gives you ample opportunities to make a lot of friends. When you make friends in Thailand, don’t share any details about yourself, your place of stay, or your itinerary. The so-called friends may turn out to be notorious and follow you for some other reason. Though not all of them behave like this, it is always better to be safe when you are on a trip.

Safety in Thailand Information: 

Immediately on arrival, one of the important things to do in Thailand for solo female travelers is to note down some of the important numbers in case of emergency:-

  • Police Numbers
  • Hospital Numbers
  • Ambulance services
  • Fire Services

Final Thoughts: 

Most importantly, solo female travel is not frightening. It’s actually exciting. The country is full of amazing and wonderful people. So don’t let fear keep you from experiencing the kingdom. Solo traveling doesn’t have a time frame and an expiration date. Give yourself the gift of independence, an opportunity to experience new cultures and the time to learn about you and what’s best for you. You will be a confident and independent person because of it.