Dimaak with Zoho: A Corporate Trip to Thailand that Stands Apart


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Finding Moments of Stillness at the Office? Plan Your Trip to Thailand:

In today’s fast-paced life, one often struggles to find a few moments of calm. With long working hours in office, unrealistic deadlines, enraging traffic, many professionals miss their peace of mind. You can imagine what the exact situation will be if you live in a metropolitan city. The chaos, hustle, and bustle of the city always leaves you far away from the relaxation and rejuvenation.

Everything from the pristine beaches to viewpoints in Thailand is within your grasp with Dimaak tours. Whether you wish to go for a cultural and historic based holiday or like to escape to the islands, forests or you would just like to lie back and reconnect with yourself with spa, traditional massage treatments, all you have to do is pack your bags and get ready for the Land of Smiles. Dimaak Tours has a finger in every holiday spot in Thailand.

Planning your corporate trip to Thailand but don’t know what to do? Follow the Zoho group’s footsteps for the best Thailand Corporate Vacation ever! We’ve got the relevant information on their exciting adventures in Bangkok and Pattaya during the 5 nights and 6 days tour. So read on to find out how these professionals made the most out of their trip and traveled with #Dimaaktours in Thailand.

Before the Trip: Before the group headed to Thailand, Dimaak made sure they’ve got the complete holiday essentials ready for a worry-free vacay!

Airport Transfer: We helped them to get their accommodation at ease with a stress-free airport transfer! They were met and greeted with flower garlands (Thai Style)!

Local Transportation: The best way to get around any city in Thailand is through buses, cabs, and private cars. If you’ve got to cover the Bangkok city, we highly recommend getting the BTS sky train to save time during your trip. You can conveniently skip the traffic in the city using the metro card.

Instead of wasting precious time figuring out the train, bus, cab to the city, the group traveled on a bus to maximize their fun trip in Thailand. We had arranged a 40 seater Scania bus for the group for better convenience and comfort.

Thailand Highlights:


Pattaya, Thailand’s resort city is located on the eastern coast that offers a lot of attractions. It is often known as the perfect destination for bachelors for its extravagant Pattaya attractions. The city has many other attractions to fascinate tourists. You’ll surely fall in love with the city by enjoying different cultural activities, witnessing the beautiful beaches and by indulging yourself with a range of watersports adventurous activities.

Discovered the best places in Pattaya on the 1st day:

The group started their trip from Bangkok to Pattaya by discovering favorite landmarks on an air-conditioned bus with a multilingual guide.

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo is the first thing in Pattaya the group explored on the 1st day. It is an excellent zoo with a huge number of tigers, crocodiles, scorpions, and some elephants. You can feed the crocodiles at this zoo, which makes a great experience for kids as well as adults. You can also click some wonderful pictures of tigers at an additional cost and make your trip more memorable. Breakfast was arranged for in the Zoo.

The group checked into the hotel and after freshening up had a sumptuous lunch. Then they visited the famous Big Buddha and enjoyed some viewpoints in Pattaya city in the evening followed by dinner.

Have a look on their itinerary for the 1st day:

  •       DMK Airport to Pattaya Hotel via Sri Racha Tiger Zoo
  •       Tiger Zoo entry Ticket + Indian Breakfast
  •       Pattaya Hotel Check-in: 3 nights in Phuphaya Resort (Breakfast Included)
  •       Indian Lunch Buffet ( Mind Resort )
  •       Big Buddha + Viewpoint
  •       Indian Dinner Buffet ( Veda )

Set Sail at Coral Island: 2nd Day

One of the best ways to explore Pattaya is to take a day-long trip to Coral Island. The Zoho Group enjoyed their speedboat ride around the sea and enjoyed a quick bite and refreshing drink at the coral island. The scenic views, natural landscapes, tranquil surroundings, and the aquatic thrills of the coral island gave them an unforgettable experience. The low hanging ledges with thrilling water-related adventures and activities such as Parasailing, Jet Ski, Banana Boat, and Under Sea Walk made a truly memorable experience.

Have a look at the itinerary for the 2nd day at Pattaya:

  •       Breakfast
  •       Coral Island by Speedboat and Lunch
  •       Optional activities: Adventurous Activities (20 persons wanted to do)
  •       Return Back to the Hotel
  •       Pattaya Night Bazaar for Shopping
  •       Indian Dinner Buffet

Excitement at Pattaya Floating Market: 3rd Day

A place is considered beautiful if it is surrounded by Nature on all sides. You’ll be amazed at the sightseeing places in Pattaya, attributed to the beauty of Mother Nature. The Pattaya Floating Market is a major tourist attraction that is located on the riverside showcasing the beautiful and authentic ways of ancient Thai riverside living communities.

The Zoho group traveled to this place and felt lucky to get this opportunity during their trip. The most special thing they felt is the beautiful surroundings of the floating market.

Apart from the floating market, they also visited the underwater world. They were astonished by the place. Yes, it was a wonderful experience for them to explore spectacular places in Pattaya with so much beauty around!

Let’s have a look at the itinerary of 3rd day at Pattaya:

  •       Floating Market Entry Tickets  (Boat Ride, Cable Ride, Thai costume are Excluded)
  •       Indian Lunch Buffet ( Baan Sukhawadee – No entry tickets )
  •       Underwater World Tickets Included
  •       Dinner Buffet


Bangkok is a perfect treat to your eyes and memories. It is preferable to reach by cab, bus or private car from Pattaya. Just 180 km away from the bustling city of Pattaya, Bangkok the ‘City of Angels’ always gives a warm hug to its tourists. There is no doubt over the brilliance of Thai cuisine, their fine aroma and captivating flavors are a treat to the taste buds. And yes, the corporate trip was an opportunity for the group to nurture the soul, spirit, body, and mind in the capital city of Thailand.

Rejuvenation at Bangkok: 4th Day

The group left for Bangkok from Pattaya. On the way, a visit to the famous Safari world was arranged. Safari world is one of those entertainment parks where any group of people from any walk of life can have ultimate fun. This place is like two kinds of zoos in one place, one for Terrestrial Animals (Safari Park) and one for the Aquatic Animals (Marine Park). There are many entertainment shows with respect to animals and safaris inside the park which are not only fun but also educational. It was an overwhelming experience for all the members, Safari park and Marine Park is always on the top of everyone’s list. The Zoho group had a whale of a time in the Park.

Let’s check what the itinerary is:-

  •       Pattaya Hotel to Bangkok Hotel via Safari World
  •       Safari World + Marine Park + Lunch
  •       Bangkok Hotel check-in: 2 nights at Bangkok Palace, a 4-star hotel (Breakfast Included)
  •       Dinner Buffet

Spectacular Temples – Visit and Dine-in Experience in Bangkok: 5th Day

Bangkok is a place that never sleeps. There is always a beautiful mess of people and traffic. 

The iconic landmarks like the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha, the Temple of Dawn, the Reclining Buddha, etc. are deemed to be the most beautiful temples in Bangkok. One simply cannot miss the historical and cultural enriched place in Bangkok.

 Chinatown is also a popular tourist attraction and food harbor in Bangkok. The whole area is packed with market stalls, street foods, and many gold shops which one should not miss.

And yes, there is a big giant wheel (like the London Eye) to experience the Bangkok city view at Asiatique Riverfront. The group enjoyed experiencing the refreshing streets of Bangkok.

They experienced the heritage imprinted on both sides of the river at Chaophraya river dinner cruise in the evening. It is a floating restaurant that cruises with a lot of tourists. They had the Indian buffet inside the cruise and spent almost 2 to 3 hours exploring the scenic view of Bangkok from the ship.

The itinerary includes as follows: 

  •       China Town + Wat Arun + Wat Pho (Tickets by their own)
  •       Lunch Buffet
  •       Asiatique Riverfront
  •       Chao Phraya Princess Cruise with Indian Buffet
  •       Return Back to Hotel

Last day at Bangkok: 6th Day

There is a myriad of things to do in Bangkok. If you are a poolside lounge lover, an explorer, an extreme sports fan, or an art lover, Bangkok gives you a memorable experience with its stunning and attractive places.

Art in Paradise is also called The Trickeye Museum or 3D Museum Bangkok. It is a famous place for families, couples, and groups looking to spend a few hours, especially on rainy days.

The Zoho group visited the Art in Paradise and enjoyed the 3D paintings. Then, they went on a shopping spree for the whole day on their trip. In the evening, they ended their trip and reached the airport and flew to India.

The itinerary included as follows on the last day of the trip.

  •       Art in Paradise
  •       Lunch Buffet: (Baiyoke 43rd floor)
  •       Shopping
  •       Airport Drop Off

Package Inclusions:

  •       Accommodation in 3-star hotel with breakfast
  •       All transfers
  •       Entry tickets as per itinerary
  •       Guide
  •       Lunch at Indian Restaurant
  •     6 Days: Volvo Bus – 35 Seater, 2 X 500ml water bottle per day/per person, Guide cost

 Package Exclusions:

  •       Early check-in and late check- out
  •       Other services not specified in the Itinerary
  •       Meals other than mentioned in the Itinerary

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Final Thoughts: Let’s Dimaak for Thailand Trip!

Getting around Thailand is easy. Just get ready with your passports and check what else you can explore in the land of smiles. Furthermore, if you’re looking to save, plan your trip on group tours. Once you’ve customized your package, you can explore the tropical country! Whether you want to see the fascinating natural sites of Phuket and Krabi or to witness the exotic life of Pattaya and Bangkok, Dimaak will help you in every manner.