Floating Resorts in the river – Unexplored places by Indians


“Discover Thainess! “, Thai tourism initiative, is an apt phrase for a country like Thailand!

There is nothing like a single experience or a place that can be cited as Thainess. Thailand has an array of experiences to offer. No two experiences are similar in The Land of Smiles. Thailand ranks as one of the top tourist destinations in the World Tourism Ranking.

It’s like a yin-yang experience. Has some of the most scenic destinations as well as daring monuments of spectacle. Cheap street food to exuberant restaurants. Magnificent temples to heart-racing adventurous experiences.

One of the most beautiful experiences is its unique resorts which are afloat on some of the most famous rivers across the country. These are truly an experience of a lifetime!

Notably, they are concentrated usually, in and around Kanchanaburi, however, we have sorted and listed them in the ascending order of distance from the main city, Bangkok.

Kanchanaburi is a paradise for nature lovers. Know the best of Kanchanaburi before planning your trip: Top 10 attractions in Kanchanaburi

Here is a sneak-peak of some of the best river resorts in Thailand for you to explore!

Best of Kanchanaburi:

1.  Blue Sky Raft: 

As if the river flowing beneath your raft house wasn’t enough, you get to have your own Jacuzzi! This is a cheesy place to spend quality time with your better half! Have a romantic experience in the Jacuzzi overlooking the river. You also get to cycle and kayak your way during your stay in this loft styled raft house. 

Rates: from 5,000 Baht per night

Address: 17/5, Moo 2, Pak Preak, Muang District, Kanchanaburi

Distance: 122km away from Bangkok

2.  Boutique Raft Resort :

Bobbing bamboo villas surrounded by lush green forests and quietly flowing rivers is a natural charmer! If the currents are strong in the river you can always swim in the natural river pool built by them. This is a perfect place to gather your life jackets and go explore the river on a bamboo raft! Just relax on your balcony, listen to the river flow by, and watch the twinkling stars above post a sumptuous dinner in one of the best floating resorts in Thailand! 

Rate: From approx. 4,000 INR  (for River Kwai Suite)

Address: 103 Moo.3 Tha-sao Saiyok, Kanchanaburi

Distance: 186 km from Bangkok

3.  Z9 Resort:

With “Recharge your life energy, renew your spirit” being their motto, Z9 resorts provide peaceful shelter to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul! This is inspired by the name of Mount Sinai or the Mosses Mount which is considered as the place where Mosses rejuvenated himself. With only 15 rooms, you will be provided with free rafts to go canoeing and life jackets will also be provided, with which you can take a dip in the water even if you can’t swim.

Z9 Resort kanchanaburi

Rates: From 9,000 INR per night; Breakfast complimentary

Address: 151, Moo 1, Tha Kradan, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi

Distance: 200km from Bangkok

 4.  Float House River Kwai : 

This fancy river resort in Thailand is a boutique resort built with the local produce and employing people from the local community, helping in promoting their culture in addition to giving you a relaxed experience. The design concept is based on “Contemporary Boutique Folk Style”. Each luxurious villa is custom built and is totally private.

The feel of the bobbing villa whenever a long-tail boat passes by is an experience of its own. There are other activities such as canoeing and hiking to the nearby– Mon Village

Rates: From 3,600 INR per night

Address: Baan Tahsao, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi

Distance: 200km from Bangkok

 5Saiyok Floatel: 

A Floating villa on the river with a swimming pool to swim in! With the perfect backdrop of emerald green waters and thick forests, the teak villas have their own private balconies and lots of window space for you to enjoy the view from. Being amidst serenity, it also offers a wide range of entertainment. You can also go explore the local waterfall or the caves to discover their beauty.

Saiyok Floatel

Rate: Approx. 2,500 INR (including breakfast, dinner, and a raft down the river at 4 pm daily)

Address: 345 Moo 7 Tambon Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi

Distance: About 221km away from Bangkok

6.  Wang Nok Kaew Park View Resort:

With a buffet to feast from, on the side of the river, to relaxing in your own hammock on your private balcony or having a Thai Massage on the banks of river Kwai Noi; this place is a paradise for unwinding. What’s more, when you rise and shine to a delicious basket of breakfast in the infinity pool! You can also go river rafting or visit the nearby Prasat Muang Sing Historical Park or the Hellfire Pass Museum.

Rate: From Approx 4,300 INR (for Standard Raft)

Address: Sai Yok, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi

Distance: Approximately 224km from Bangkok

 7River Kwai Jungle View: 

Floating along the infamous River Kwai, this fabulous river resort of Thailand is at the heart of the jungle. Simple yet tastefully decorated wooden rooms with all comfort amenities. Treat yourself to some splendid sunset from the comfort of your beds against a wall of palm trees for a backdrop. The restaurant is very good overlooking the river and jungle and also offers some mouth-watering authentic meals. Rice dishes are a must-try here!

Rate: From Approx 3, 789 INR (for Standard Double Room with Balcony)

Address: Sai Yok, Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi

Distance: 225km from Bangkok

8.  Koh Mueangkarn Paradise View Resort: 

Cozy villas peacefully floating along the Kwai Noi River in Soi Yok. The basic, standard raft is also equipped with luxury. Along with the view of the flowing river, you can also enjoy the majestic mountains standing guard behind you. This resort is known for entertaining its guests with numerous water sport activities. You could go fishing and cook your own BBQ, else you have nothing to worry as the restaurant serves some of the most delicious cuisines!

Rate: From approx. 1,960 Baht (for River View Room)

Address: Baan Wangnamwon, Tahsao, Saiyok, Kanchanaburi

Distance: 228km from Bangkok

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8.  The Floatel Buntern: 

Located slightly away from Bangkok than the others, this resort mainly focuses on group stays.

It is the best location for a group of friends or family members to spend some memorable and relaxing time. A whole house is assigned to you which is in the middle of the water, giving maximum privacy. They are fully equipped with 4 rooms and 6 washrooms in a villa. Each raft gets two kayaks to help you explore the river and nearby areas. Making this one of the best floating resorts in Thailand.

Rates: 20,000 Baht per night (3 meals included)

Address: 264/98, Moo 4, ThaKhaNoon, Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchanaburi

Distance: Around 277km from Bangkok

9.  X2 River Kwai: 

Another loft-styled raft villa, just 2.5km from Bangkok. Ideal for people who like a pinch of modernity in the otherwise modest setting. Perfect place for your social media pictures. There is an open air space above your villa where you can unwind yourself or there is also a Bamboo tunnel on the land where you can click away! A unique thing about this place is that it has a bridge bar and a bistro serving lip-smacking Thai and Western cuisines. Sip a cocktail and relax in the infinity pool by the river!

 Rates: from 5,479 Baht per night

Address: 138, Moo 4, Nong Ya Soi 5, Ban Wanglan, Nong Ya, Mueang District, Kanchanaburi

Distance: 134km from Bangkok

Other parts of Thailand

10.  Bangkok Tree House: 

Located in the greater Bangkok area, at the Samut Prakan province; this uniquely conceptualized house sits along the Chao Phraya River. What makes it stand apart is that they provide a floating inflatable mattress to sleep right on top of the river. The best part being not knowing where u might wake up! Not only is the environment healthy, but the restaurant also provides healthy food including vegan! You can also ride a bike to the floating markets of Bang Nam Peung which is just a short distance away.

Rates: From approx. 2,500 Baht (With complimentary breakfast)

Address: 60 Moo1, Petchaheung Rd soi 26, Bang Nampeung, Phra Pradaeng. Samutprakarn 

Distance: Only 25km from Bangkok

11.  Mom Chailai River Retreat: 

Also known as the Antique Boat Hotel, Mom Chailai River Retreat is a comfortable boathouse stay on the bank of the river. It is situated in one of the seldom traveled Nakhon Pathom. This resort also has peaceful river-side bungalows and rooms. These antique boats are extremely comfortable with private baths, seating areas, fridge, cable TV, and kettle. The resort also has swimming pools, a spa, and lush gardens. You can also explore the floating markets of Wat Lampaya which is situated near to the resort.

 Rates: From 1200 Baht (complimentary breakfast)

Address: 54 Moo 6 Klong Nok Kratung, banglen, Bang Len, Nakhon Pathom

Distance: Just 50 km from Bangkok

12.  Blue Sky floating resort : 

Located on the Island of Koh Phyam, this river resort of Thailand is surrounded by beaches and jungle. It is situated right above the water in mangrove forests. The basic ideology is to replicate resorts in the Maldives.

One can burrow cycles or kayaks to go exploring into the forests. Spend your time in leisure and get a spa done! Best resort to experience island charm.

Rate: From approx 9,000 INR per night

Address: Sapaan Pla Rd., Amphur Muang Ranong, Ko Phayam

Distance: About 122km from Bangkok

13.  Kaeng Krachan Boathouse Paradise: 

A Luxury boutique boathouse in the Phetchaburi province! Also, very close to the Kaeng Krachan National Park; Thailand’s biggest national park. Needless to say, they have got one of the best views of nature. There are also boathouse rooms, made from metal and glass, with things like oars, tillers, compasses, lifebuoys, and anchors as decorations. The resort has an outdoor pool with sun loungers, a restaurant-cum-bar, gardens, and a picnic area. Other activities include kayaking and cycling.

Rates: From 1700 Baht

Address: Kaengkrachan – Khowpanernthoong Phetchaburi

Distance: 190km from Bangkok

14.  500 Rai Floating Resorts: 

Elegant floating bungalows wrapped with panoramic landscapes. Present on the famous Chiew Larn lake, this brilliant river resort in Thailand can host up to 100 people, with 6 different types of accommodation totaling up to 18 rooms. You are only a boat ride away from wild-life!

Private kayaks are available for you to explore the abundance of nature. You can also go hiking to the world’s oldest rainforest. 

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Rates: From approx. 18K Baht (per room, per night)

Address: 21 Khao Wong, Ban Ta Khun District, Surat Thani 

Distance: About 500km from Bangkok

Final Thoughts:

Away from all the hustle and bustle of one’s life, we need to take time for ourselves and our family and loved ones. This helps us to recharge our batteries and get back to the mundane routine life with a fresh start and perspective.

Nature retreats are always the best option for you to unwind yourself. And what’s more, if you could live in the lap of nature surrounded by lush greenery, mountains, and rivers!

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