Dreaming of a Thailand tour with Corporate buddies? Check how The Company – Digital Global Network made it!


Work hard and play harder is the best motto which aptly describes the corporate workforce. A corporate job that comes along with stress is a common adage. But Corporate jobs are not always stressful, as proven by the Company – Digital global Network when they planned a corporate tour to Thailand.

Corporate trips need not always be about work. The usage  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is apt for the current generation. Corporate tour packages can also be knit in such a way that it balances every itinerary and doesn’t seem to weigh only on one side. And also see to it that you make justice to the place you go to as well!

Not long ago, Digital Global Network(DGN), a pioneer in the Global networking business, came to us to plan their corporate tour to Thailand consisting of more than two dozen people.

We took care of every essential need of their tour; from Airport transfer to on-road transfers to entry ticket booking and hotel reservations. 

Here is what we planned for them and their testimony says it all! 

DGN’s Corporate tour :

DGN went on their 5-day corporate tour from October 18, 2019, to Oct 23, 2019. 

Day 1: A Smashing Start!

The tour started in Pattaya. DGN team landed in Pattaya on Oct 18th and were met by our representatives at the airport, who took them to their place of stay i.e 4-star Mind Resort, in an exclusively booked 35 seater air-conditioned Volvo bus. Post refreshing they were transferred to the infamous Sri Racha Tiger Zoo at 9 a.m. Their very first meal i.e. breakfast was at this Zoo which was specially booked for them with a delicious and healthy spread of various cuisines.

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo:

Post a sumptuous breakfast, they started on the Zoo tour which included the crocodile show, tiger show, elephant show, pig show, etc. They took tigers on walks, fed them, and took a lot of photographs with the tigers. Where else would you get to walk a tiger?

This was a very unique experience for this corporate company as vouched by them. Post all the shows and tours around this Tiger Zoo, they were transferred back to the hotel and were checked-in at 2 pm.

They had time for some good relaxation in the afternoon post which we had arranged for a beautiful gala dinner at the hotel’s 50 seater Banquet hall, with a widespread of various mouth-watering meals(Veg and Non-Veg). Not only was food arranged, but also there was access to unlimited drinks for 2 hours. And there were Thai dancers and Live DJ music arranged for their entertainment as well. 

This summed up their remarkable first day of Corporate tour with celebrations!

Day 2: Party Time!

The second day of the corporate trip was an Island tour.

After a good night’s rest and a tummy-filling delicious complimentary breakfast at the hotel, they proceeded to the pier, where there was a cruise boat arranged with rave foam party and electric live DJ music along with sumptuous food.

Coral Island Tour:

Aptly named after a gemstone, Coral Island deserves to be known that way as it truly is a mesmerizing little island which is just 45 min away from Pattaya. Locally known as Koh Larn, this piece of paradise is showered with abundant nature’s beauty.

The pristine white sand, tranquil waters, and lush hills make it a heaven on earth.

The mesmerizing reefs at Coral Island make it one of the best hotspots for water sports. Hence, we had even booked some of the activities for them so that they get the maximum fun out of this island such as  Snorkeling, Sea diving, Scuba diving, which are some of the most famous activities at Coral Island.

NoteScuba Diving & Snorkeling are two different activities with some basic differences. 

Lunch was also arranged by us at the coral islands. 

Post a memorable trip to these islands, they were transferred back to their hotel for some rest as there was still more entertainment awaiting them that evening. 

Alcazar Show:

At 7 p.m, they were all fresh and ready for the second half of the day’s corporate trip.  What was awaiting them was the spectacular Alcazar Show.

Alcazar show is a mind-blowing experience of ladyboy cabaret. Their grand performance with magnificent costumes and vibrant setting will definitely make anyone spellbound. This theater has a state-of-the-art facility that was built only for this purpose. Not only just a royal dance show but they also showcase beautifully choreographed and rehearsed K-Pop, Persian Harlem, and many more. This is definitely a must-see itinerary on the Corporate tour package. 

Post the show, dinner at the hotel along a peaceful night over. 

Day 3: Hello Bangkok!

Having had a good sleep and healthy breakfast at the hotel, the team checked-out from the hotel and headed to the full-day tour of the Safari and Marine Park in Bangkok.

Safari and Marine Park in Bangkok:

Post a two-hour drive to one of the best entertainment amusement parks of Bangkok, they finally arrived at the amusement park. This is deemed to be one of the World’s most famous amusement parks where you get to see bizarre shows which you otherwise would have thought never possible.

From Orangutan boxing shows to stunt shows to Sealion shows. You name it and this place has it. Here the animals are trained and treated as their kith and kin.

You will definitely need a whole day to cover all the wonderful shows in the park.

Lunch was also arranged inside the park for the convenience of DGN. 

Post a day well spent in one of the world’s best animal parks, they were transferred to the 3-star hotel IBIS Bangkok Sukhumvit 4 at around 6 .pm for check-in where they had dinner. All the traveling and merriment was a bit tiring and everyone took good rest after the hectic day.

Day 4: The Bangkok City tour!

Another hectic day awaited them at the City Capital Bangkok. Known as the City of Angels, Bangkok is an apt capital as it defines Thailand. Bangkok is not only a hub for entertainment but also a representative of Thailand’s culture and pride. This city of Angels has everything from the most magnificent temples, world-famous floating markets, the best street food stalls to luxury malls, markets, rooftop restaurants, and many more, 

Golden Buddha and Marble Buddha:

Post breakfast in the hotel headed straight on a City Tour including the temple tour of Golden buddha and Marble buddha. Since these are maintained by the Thai Government, entry tickets had to be bought. Post a glimpse of this happening city, they returned to the hotel for some rest. 

Know some Bangkok Temples Indians should never miss during their Thailand trip.

The evening in Bangkok is open for their choice of entertainment. One can go shopping, visit the floating markets which are being talked about all over the world or visit every bustling Chinatown to get a taste of their culture and ways.

One could also visit any fancy rooftop bars or restaurants to spend a leisurely evening. Since the transport facility was at their disposal, they made complete use of it and had a gala time in Bangkok. 

With this, the 4th day of DGN’s Corporate trip to Thailand comes to an end.

Day 5: Sayonara Thailand!

Post a good night’s rest at the hotel and after having a sumptuous breakfast their check-out procedures were completed by 12 p.m. After safely keeping their luggage in the lobby, they had free time to explore some places in Bangkok and have lunch and dinner at any place they chose.

They were transferred back to BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport at 10 p.m from where they boarded their 3 a.m Indigo flight back to India.

Final Thoughts:

This was the 5-day comprehensive Corporate tour package designed exclusively for the DGN Officials by Dimaak. They had a worry-free and a great vacation with 29 work buddies.

 If you would also like to go on such corporate group tours do reach out to us. We would love to design your own itinerary which suits you the best!

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