Are you a camping person who loves wildlife, greenery, and waterfalls – Must visit places in Thailand


For most of the travelers, Thailand means pristine beaches, tropical islands, luxurious resorts, azure blue waters, adventurous water sports activities, and lively nightlife.

It is no surprise that travelers mostly prefer the famous tourist hotspots in Thailand like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, and Krabi. But if you are a camping person or one of the travelers who like to take the road less traveled, Thailand has a lot of places to delight you.

These places provide an amazing experience in terms of wildlife, greenery, and waterfalls. You can enjoy some of the secluded Islands, explore the rainforests, and zip from one tree to another. These uncovered jewels are easy to reach while some of them are hidden in the farthest corners of the country. These are some of the must-visit places in Thailand for an unforgettable experience.

Northeast Thailand can be a backpacker’s paradise, where you are likely to see full lush greenery, waterfalls, and rivers. This is an ideal place to hear the voice of nature. You can enjoy a few riverside bars and pubs which play beautiful music. You can also explore many natural wonders on a bike in Thailand.

Check out the following offbeat places in Thailand which are a welcoming change from mainstream Thailand tourism.

Doi Inthanon National Park:

Doi Inthanon National Park in Thailand is a complete mix of adventures with amazing waterfalls, sumptuous greenery, clear sky, pleasant breeze, and tall mountain peaks.

This sounds like an offbeat place, doesn’t it? But I am sure this place will make you want to stay forever with its magical influence.


One of the must-visit places in Thailand, this national park is located just two hours away from Chiang Mai. There are several ways to reach there. You can either book a tour organized by any tour agency or rent a car to the park for easy conveyance.

If you are driving a rented car, you must have an international driving license with you.

Entry fee:

The entry fee is 300 Thai Baht for Adults, 150 THB for Children, and 20-50 Thai Baht for the local Thai peoples.

If you want to visit the Royal Twin Pagodas, a separate entry fee of 40 THB is needed per person.

Opening Timings: 5 AM to 6 PM

Best time to visit:

The national park is open all year round but the best time to visit is from October to February as this is the winter season.


  • Experience the magnificent Thailand waterfalls and enjoy the sunset
  • Visit the highest peak in Thailand, the Doi Inthanon.
  • Head to the Twin Pagodas and witness the flower gardens from a great height.
  • Take the walking trails for trekking.

Additional Tips:

If you are planning to stay overnight at this place, make sure to keep blankets and warm clothes with you as the climate will be quite chilly.

 Kui Buri National Park:

If you are on a vacation and want to explore Mother Nature, Kui Buri national park in Thailand will never disappoint you. It is one of the best evergreen and picturesque forests in Thailand. The national park comprises dry and moist evergreen trees giving a stunning look of natural beauty and you’ll fall in love with this place. You’ll also find various species of palm trees at this National Park. It is a habitat of Thailand’s largest elephant and gaur populations. A must visit place in Thailand, Kui Buri National Park  is a haven for Thailand wildlife lovers. If you are one of them, head to this park and explore more.


Kui Buri National Park is located in the Prachuap Khiri Khan Province of Thailand.

How to reach:

You can reach the Kui Buri town by train or minivan from Bangkok or Hua Hin. The Kui Buri town is 30 km away from the national park. You can hire a private cab from the town as there is no public transport service. You can directly book a taxi or cab from Bangkok or Hua Hin to reach the national park.

Best time to visit:

Kui Buri National Park is a year-round destination for travelers but we would say, it is good to avoid this place during the monsoon season from June to October. The best time to visit the place is from November to April.

Opening Time:

The visitor center at Kui Buri National Park is open round the clock while the wildlife spotting area is open for visitors from 2 PM to 6 PM. The last entry for this place is at 5 pm.

Entry Fee:

The ticket for Kui Buri National Park for both visitor center and wildlife area is 200 THB per person.


  • Thailand wildlife-spotting begins with the Elephant watching tour at the park. This is the best thing to do as huge herds of elephants roam inside the park. You can also explore other wild animals and fauna-flora of the region. The park has one of Thailand’s largest herds of wild elephants, about 320 in total. You can witness the elephant families eating and playing at ponds.
  • You’ll also get a chance to spot Thailand’s largest population of gaurs (Indian Bison) while they graze. Malayan Tapir and deer are some of the other creatures which you can see at this park.
  • There are ample stay options in Kui Buri town. Many hotels, resorts, and villas are some of the options for your stay which are at a distance of 30 km from the park.
  • You can also stay within the park’s area, but the options are limited and there are no hotels and resorts. The campsite center provides a tent and other camping equipment on rent.

Khao Yai National Park:

Khao Yai National Park is one of the largest national parks in Thailand and is a heritage site declared by UNESCO.

A large number of Asian elephants and huge varieties of flora and fauna make this place popular among tourists. You can camp at the camping grounds surrounded by forests. The beautiful sceneries and landscapes make Khao Yai National Park one of the must-visit places in Thailand.


The national park is located on the route to Nakhon Ratchasima from Bangkok.

How to reach:

It is about 200 km from Bangkok by road. The nearest train route is at Pak Chong.  You can even take a tour package or rent a motorbike or car to reach this place.

Entry fee:

The entry fee is 400 Thai Baht (Adult) and 200 Thai Baht (Children under 14), and 40 Thai Baht for the local Thai peoples.

There are other fees ranging from 10 Thai Baht to 50 Thai Baht for bicycles or private transport.

Best time to visit:

October to February


  • You can see some spectacular Thailand waterfalls like Heo Sai Waterfall, Haew Suwat Waterfall, etc. and Hiking is the best activity at this place.
  • This place is a paradise for photographers also. Some of Thailand Wildlife can be found here such as Siamese crocodiles, wrinkle lipped bats, gibbons and majestic elephants, and many more.
  • Camping places are also available for tourists. Lam Takhong and Pha Kluay Mai are the places with a lot of facilities.

 Erawan National Park:

If you want to explore the most breathtaking attraction in Thailand, Erawan national park is the best option for you. Far away from the crazy parties and beaches, if you want to indulge yourself with nature, Erawan national park will surely give you that. A must visit place in Thailand, Erawan National Park is nature’s most marvelous paradise brimming with Thailand wildlife and that would leave the wildlife enthusiast within you in amazement!!


The Erawan national park is located northwest of Bangkok in Kanchanaburi province.

How to reach:

Erawan national park is located 200 km from Bangkok and it can be easily accessible by all modes of transport such as a public bus, train, or taxi. The nearest railway station in Bangkok. You can reach the national park more conveniently at Thonburi station. You can go on any private bus from Kanchanaburi.

If you wish to travel by bus, the southern bus terminal is the best option, from where you’ll get buses once in every 15 to 20 mins and can reach Kanchanaburi within 2 hours. You can also book a taxi or car directly to the park and reach via highway 4 and within 2 hours.

Entry Fee:

The entry fee for the Erawan national park is 300 THB for foreign tourists, 200 THB for children, 100 THB for locals.

You have to pay a parking charge that includes 20 THB for a bike, and 30 THB for other vehicles.

Opening Time:

The park stays open for visitors from 8 AM to 4:30 PM every day throughout the year.

Best time to visit:

The months from February to April are hot and dry and it might be difficult for you to explore easily. The months from May to October experiences monsoon and it may hamper your trekking plan.

The best time to visit Erawan National Park is between November to January as these months are relatively cooler. You can also indulge in many water sports activities during this period.


  • You can witness one of the most beautiful Thailand waterfall – Erawan waterfall. This attraction has 7 tiers and can be explored on foot.
  • Visit another one of Thailand Waterfalls, the Huai Mae Khamin falls if you’re looking for a more blissful and serene experience. This is just 40 km from Erawan Falls.
  • There are emerald ponds in the park where you can take a dip, swim, relax, and enjoy your trip.
  • Explore the beautiful trails in the park, each one of them offers an unforgettable experience.
  • Take a train ride on the historical Death Railway that runs partly parallel to the River Kwai and through dense jungle.
  • Explore the mysterious caves which are located 30 km away from the Erawan falls. These caves will leave you amused once you explore them. You must include the Phartat Cave, Ta Duang Cave, Mi Cave, and Reua Cave in your itinerary.
  • Go Thailand Wildlife spotting and spot macaques, water monitor lizards, wild elephants, wild boar, serpent eagle, blue whistling thrush, dark-necked tailorbird, and more.

 Tips and Tricks for Camping In Thailand:

  • An overnight trek at the mountain or forest is an excellent option if you love hiking and running.
  • You can also visit the local shops, take elephant rides, and enjoy cuisines to know more about Thai culture.
  • Contact the officials about locations and which places are allowed to camp as it can be confusing because of the language barrier.
  • Always carry a sufficient amount of water and food with you as you won’t find shops to eat inside the park.
  • Always carry a medical kit with you for an emergency.
  • Bring warm clothes with you as it can get cold at night.
  • Never leave your food outside your tent as it may attract wild animals. 

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 Final Thoughts:                      

Thailand is a harbor for royal palaces, beaches, and delicious food and ultramodern cityscapes. All the places can be easily accessible from Bangkok. The lush greenery and mesmerizing views make it a perfect getaway for camping and having a memorable time away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The above destinations for enjoying in Thailand are excellent getaways to rejuvenate and build stronger connections with nature and life.