10 Best Things for Kids to do in Bangkok – You Should Know


You might wonder, Bangkok might not be a suitable option for children due to its incredible nightlife. However, there are loads of things a kid can engage in, in Bangkok. There are many exciting theme parks, games arcades, and numerous outdoor attractions for the kids. You can also spend a lot of fun and adventurous time with your children. The opportunities are endless in this city of Angels. If you are traveling with your children, we have listed some of the top things for kids to do in Bangkok, below.

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Siam ocean world:

Siam ocean world is the best attraction in Bangkok for kids. Kids can see the ocean from the Siam Paragon mall. Siam ocean world is an underwater oasis filled with many exotic marine creatures. Kids can stroll through the glass tunnels from which they can see a wide array of sea creatures swimming in every direction.

To explore the place, you need to buy online tickets 24 hours in advance, and the price starts from 790 baht for 3-11-year-old children. Entry is free for children below 3 years of age. You can reach the Siam Paragon mall either by a Taxi or a BTS sky train.

Ice skating: 

Ice skating is a classic activity for children that is available in different locations across Bangkok. Stay away from the heat of Bangkok and enjoy your holiday at ice skating venues with your kids. It is the best place to have a nonstop thrilling experience with your kids.

There is a place called Ice Planet located on the 6th and 7th floor of Siam Discovery Centre For Ice Skating. The kids can enjoy games such as ice hockey or take part in choreographic competitions.


Kidzania is the most advanced entertainment place for kids, and it looks at both education and fun aspects. The level of fun the kids can have has been raised to a whole new level. This place allows children to try several activities in a model city. They can also learn through many real-life situations while playing; like fighting with fire, being traffic police and handling the traffic, learning how to prepare food like a chef, being a dentist, flying a Boeing, rescuing people with a small ambulance and taking them to a mini-hospital and many more.

The kids will have a deeper level of education with the help of well-executed craftsmanship. It is the latest innovative center for kids and family entertainment. Every activity in Kidzania town will be a learning experience for children up to 15 years of age. Each and every activity accommodates 6 to 8 kids by making a small group and no parent is allowed to participate. But they can take photos and witness all the activities.

The opening hours on weekdays is from 10 AM to 5 PM and on weekends and holidays, it’s from 10.30 AM to 8.30 PM.

Location: 5th floor of Siam Paragon

Bounce Inc.

Bounce Inc. is an enthralling park and one among the best places to enjoy, for kids. The huge appeals to the children as well as teens. It is open to everyone starting from the age of 3 to 15. However, adult supervision is needed for young children. It is an action-packed Trampoline Park and climbing center where you can practice flips and jumps. The kids will find walls slanted at a 45-degree angle where they can play without any worry of getting hurt. You will find the park surrounded by lights and music, giving a club-like experience that also includes DJs and house music.

The price for one hour in the trampoline or the climbing park costs 390 baht for kids between 3 to 12 years of age and 490 baht for adults. The opening hours are from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Laser Game: 

Laser games are extremely famous among kids. This place provides opportunities to compete with others using hi-tech laser guns in a simulated arena. The kids will definitely get excited and enjoy this heart-racing entertainment to the fullest.

This Game helps in the development of team spirit as these games help the players to play as a team. It also helps to build cooperative skills in kids where everyone works together as a team. Whether you play with family members or friends from school, the teamwork will remain constant. 

There are several types of games to play but the most common one is the red vs blue, Solo Play, which means every man plays against himself.

The Lazgam Bangkok is open to anyone aged 7 and over.

Snow Town: 

Snow Town is a famous indoor theme park with a play area filled with artificial snow, up to 30-40 cm and is located at the Ekkamai shopping mall in Bangkok. You’ll see a few Japanese restaurants, shops, and a small playground for kids.

The entry ticket for people over 90 cm is 100 baht and 80 baht for children less than 90 cm. If you want to enter into the snow playground, additional 100 baht should be paid for every half an hour u wish to spend there.

It is one of the best places for small children especially around 4 to 8 years old. The kids can climb snow mounds, play with snowballs, and dance under the snowfall.

Flow House: 

Flow House is one of the best attractions for kids, in Bangkok. It is a beach club and also has an artificial wave machine installed on its premises. While having a fun-filled vacation with your family, you also get an opportunity to learn a new water sport inside this House.

Flow riding is the combination of surfing and wakeboarding on an expandable ramp that has a thin sheet of water pumped up and over it to simulate a perpetual breaking wave. The staff will help you with surfing by advising you on better postures and they also use a rope to guide you. Hence, you need not have to worry about the level of your expertise and just concentrate on having fun!

Dinosaur Planet: 

The Dinosaur Planet in Bangkok is an amusement park dedicated to prehistoric beasts. It is located in the Phrom Phong area of Sukhumvit and features 200 life-size models of popular dinosaurs.

Kids will definitely enjoy these dinosaur’s models which are really impressive.  The dinosaurs are placed in different positions, similar to their own natural habitat.

Dream World: 

Dream World is a must-visit place in Bangkok when you are traveling with your kids. This theme park is fun-filled and entertaining. This is a place where the fantasies of children become realities. The high octane rides at Dream World will give your kids the best experience like no-other theme parks. The sights and attractions are excellent for smaller children and you can click a lot of memorable photographs. It’s a little far from Bangkok, but near to Don Muang airport.

The entrance tickets for the park is 650baht and includes unlimited rides.


If you wish to enjoy Bangkok with your children and your family, then Funarium Indoor Playground Center in Bangkok is the best option for you. This large entertainment area looks like a warehouse from outside but you will find a lot of activities for kids, like a large climbing structure, little-kids play area, sand, and water areas. The kids will also find art and craft centers and baking stations in this arena.

Final Thoughts:

Bangkok is not only for adults! Kids can also have an equal amount of fun. Ranging from parks dedicated to pre-historic beings to arenas with modern laser games they can enjoy them all. Bangkok has amazing places which not only focuses on the entertainment aspects but also on educational aspects. Hence, making kids learn while they play!

Don’t deprive kids of their adventure and fun by thinking that Bangkok is only for adults. We, Dimaak are here to guide you through all your planning and execution of your family-holiday in Bangkok!