Koh Samui Nightlife: 15 Popular Nightlife spots


One of the favored destinations in southern Thailand, Koh Samui is host to a myriad of nightlife entertainments. Koh Samui nightlife is known for the beer bars, go-go bars, cabaret shows, night markets, Thai boxing, and many more. The full moon and half-moon parties are unique to this part of the world and attract revelers from all over the world.

The live music by local and international DJs, the dance floors, pole dancing are the ultimate nightlife experiences. The affordable drinks and Thai delicacies are added attractions. 

To have fun is an integral part of any vacation and Koh Samui offers the best of entertainment which is interesting and exciting as well. Have a look at the best things to do in Koh Samui before you plan your trip.

To ease your selections here are our 15 best nightlife recommendations in Koh Samui.

1The Green Mango Club:

Koh Samui Nightlife is centered around Chaweng and Soi Green Mango is the leading nightlife destination which is home to cheap drinks, loud music, and good times. 

The Soi Green Mango is named so after the iconic Green Mango Club. To experience  Koh Samui Nightlife go-go bars such as Dreamgirls and Galaxy Samui beckons you with their scantily dressed girls. You can also visit Sweet Soul Café, Mint Bar, and Mambo Club for a wide variety of drinks, cuisines,  loud music, and late-night parties.

The place comes to life at midnight and goes on till 2:00 a.m. and sometimes even beyond.

2.  Ark Bar Beach Resort:

Ark bar is a beach resort that has a bar, restaurant, and nightclub and hence a one-stop destination for party lovers.

During the day time you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach and from 12 noon onwards you can dance to the music churned out by local DJs and DJs of international repute. The resort also arranges fire shows, fire dancers dancing on the beach, and hence a popular attraction among tourists. There are 3 pools and pool parties are a great hit among visitors. Ark Bar is one of the most popular destinations to enjoy the Koh Samui nightlife.

3.  Cha Cha Moon Beach Club:

One of the most popular beach clubs in Koh Samui, the Cha Cha Moon Beach Club is a multi-tiered club facing the ocean. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the beaches by relaxing on the sun lounges, swimming in the pool during the day, and partying hard during the night by hitting the dance floor and shaking a leg to the music played by international DJs. 

You can even relax on the beach with a drink in hand or smoke shisha. This is one location where Koh Samui Nightlife full moon parties and half-moon parties are arranged. 

4.  Stunning Nikki Beach Resort:

Located in Lipa Noi Beach, Nikki beach resort offers one of the best nightlife in Koh Samui. Since it is on the west coast you can experience stunning sunset views while lazing around on the poolside.

Nikki Beach serves both local and international cuisines. Sundays are the best time to visit Nikki Beach not only for entertainment but also for the large spread it is famous for.  You can enjoy the festive atmosphere created by the live DJs, barbeques, film screenings on big projectors, dancing by the poolside, and of course a wide range of drinks to choose from. The most popular being mango mixed with wine or champagne.

5.  Rustic Coco Tams:

Located at Bophut beach, Coco Tams is one of the most popular Koh Samui Nightlife destinations. This rustic beach bar has a few palm-thatched buildings and an open ground wherein you will find beanbags, swings, cabanas, and a big screen projector screening sports or movies for tourists to relax, enjoy the sea breeze and the music.

Friday nights are especially crowded with the locals and visitors of all ages thronging this beach bar for their exotic cocktails. You can choose from more than 24 cocktails out of which a mixture of vodka, watermelon juice, and passion fruit is claimed to be the best. 

6.  Absolut Ice Bar Samui:

As the name suggests this is a Bar with a cool atmosphere. The walls, bar, and glasses are all made of ice. The bar is divided into 3 sections and each section has different temperatures. 

The temperature is set around -7 degrees in the main bar. The ice bar has an ice throne and ice tuk-tuks which is a novelty here. You can borrow thick ponchos to protect yourself from the cool atmosphere. If you can’t bear the chillness then opt to relax in the air-conditioned bar and the outdoor beer garden and enjoy the cocktails the club is famous for. 

An unforgettable experience and the best nightlife in Koh Samui.

7.  On-Street Bar Samui:

Situated on the Chaweng beach road, On Street Bar is the perfect place for travelers who love art along with their drinks. The place is unique and beautiful as it is made of recycled wood, iron, and many old furnishings. 

If you want to be away from the hectic city life then On Street Bar beckons you. You can relax at the beach with one of its signature drinks, the rainbow shots, or cocktail buckets. Enjoy the live band performances every Friday and Saturday nights from 22:00 to 24:00 hours. Enjoy the best nightlife in Koh Samui dancing till midnight.

8.  Lamai Central Plaza:

The most happening place in Lamai, the Lamai Central Plaza is a huge area comprising a dozen bars and restaurants, food courts selling Thais famous street foods, and a small boxing ring at the center.

The Lamai Central Plaza comes alive in the evening with loud music bringing in a lively atmosphere. Scantily dressed bar girls can be seen wooing the customers to the bars and some even sport dancing poles with sexy names.

Plan to visit the plaza on a Saturday night to witness lady boxing and if lucky ladyboy boxing.  

9.  Enjoy Ladyboy Cabarets:

Full of glitz and glamour, the Ladyboy Cabaret shows near Centara Beach Resort, Chaweng is the best Koh Samui Nightlife experience one can get.

The ladyboys perform choreographed cabarets dressed up in elaborate costumes and are heavily made up and wear wigs. The ladyboys are so beautiful that one may mistake them to be ladies. One should not miss the Paris Follies Cabaret and the Starz Cabaret to witness the magic.

When in Koh Samui the Ladyboys Cabaret should be the first thing in your bucket list to see. It is a fun entertainment you can enjoy with family.

10.  Muay Thai kickboxing:

The national sport of Thailand Muay Thai or Thai kickboxing as it is familiarly known all over the world is one of Koh Samui nightlife experiences one should not miss. 

This sport is quite dangerous and is certainly not for the feeble-hearted. Before the match starts the contestants perform a traditional ritual dance which is worth watching. Thai boxing is different from regular boxing in the sense all the limbs are used during the fight. 

Tourists throng to Petch Bancha Boxing Stadium to experience the best nightlife in Koh Samui.

11.  Enjoy movie night at the beach:

The beaches in Koh Samui are world famous and a number of resorts are popular for the wide range of entertainment they offer. One such entertainment provided by some of the luxury resorts in Koh Samui is the screening of movies on the widescreen/projectors set against the ocean for the tourists to relax and enjoy.

 With the beautiful sea as a background, seated on beach bags, with food and drinks served, watching movies with your loved ones, what more can you ask for. You will cherish this unforgettable Koh Samui Nightlife experience forever. Monday nights are movie nights. So book your tickets in advance.

12.  Night Markets:

For the best shopping experience, a visit to the night markets in Koh Samui should be one of the must things to do. 

The  Chaweng night market, Lamui Sunday night market and  Bophut fisherman’s village market are all famous for their food courts offering local delicacies as well as international cuisines. Everything from clothes, fake handbags, sunglasses, souvenirs for your loved ones is available at a reasonable price. 

The locals and the tourists throng these markets on weekends to get the best bargains. The markets are one of the places to experience Koh Samui Nightlife.

13.  Go Go bars:

One of the reasons for the tourists to travel to Thailand is for its nightlife and the Go-go bars. Koh Samui nightlife Go-Go bars are mainly in the Chaweng and Lamai central areas. The go-go bars in Samui have beautiful sexy girls dancing on stage to a loud and lively atmosphere. You can either join them or sit in a quiet corner and enjoy the show. There are a lot of pretty girls who offer their service at a price.

The Dream Girls is a simple Thai style go-go bar in Soi Green Mango. Whereas the Galaxy Samui with its swanky look is a high-end cabaret club offering special and erotic performances on stage as also exclusively for you in private rooms, of course for a price.

14.  Full moon parties at Koh Phangan:

The famous party island of Koh Phangan is known worldwide for the full moon party celebrated every month. Thousands of hardcore party-goers travel from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan’s Haad Rin Beach in a ferry to join in the dusk to dawn celebrations. 

Started a few years back, after some tourists visiting Koh Phangan commented on a full moon night that the moon was the best they had ever seen. A small party was arranged to celebrate the full moon night and over the years this Koh Samui Nightlife full Moon party became world-famous. The music played from hip hop to trance, bass to reggae, caters to all. Plan your trip to Koh Samui around the full moon night. 

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15.  Black Moon & Half Moon Parties:

Similar to the famous Koh Samui nightlife Full Moon party at Koh Phangan, the Half Moon rave parties also known as the Half-moon festival is held in a small forest clearing in Koh Phangan twice a month. Celebrated a week before and a week after the full moon party, the half-moon festival attracts people from Thailand and beyond to its lively atmosphere of trance and techno music and even fire shows.

Black Moon Party as the name suggests is a rave party held once a month on the new moon night at Baan Tai Beach, Koh Phangan.  Not as crowded as the full moon party, it attracts revelers who enjoy the trance music and groove to the beats. Bars, food stalls, and drinks are available albeit on a small scale.

Final Thoughts:

The night clubs in Koh Samui are among the best in Thailand. Home to some of the best bars in the world the nightlife at Koh Samui is varied. The go-go bars, ladyboy cabarets are unique experiences for the tourists and hence the most popular destination for tourists who want to party all night.