What Instagram doesn’t tell you! – The unique places in Thailand


Thailand, the most famous destination for entertainment in Southeast Asia, definitely no second thoughts about it. All through the year, people throng this place. What’s not there that this land of smiles doesn’t offer you. From spectacular temples, pristine beaches to notorious gogo bars to ladyboy cabarets. It’s got it all. 

Since Thailand has been on the worldwide radar for tourism, there are certain places which are always preferred by tourists. However, there are so many other places that people are not even aware of. Not all of these places can be fit into this blog at once. So, here is a blog that mainly highlights some of the most unique and hidden places in Thailand.


This unheard province has been tucked away in the northeastern part of Thailand away from all the hustle and bustle of the cities. Nan thrives on the lap of nature. The lush and untouched forests and mountains surrounding Nan are a fresh breath from the usual beachy and happening places of Thailand. 

Nan has been integrated into the Thai government only in the late 20th century. This province is best known for growing a herb called Makhwaen which is similar to Sichuan pepper. This can treat coughs and throat issues. You can also add some flavor to your tour of unique places in Thailand by tasting some of the most unforgettable fried chicken or pork chops from one of the street food stalls in it’s Saturday markets. 

Not only this, but Nan province also has got a few interesting sight-seeing places and is a perfect place for some nail-biting adventure sports. Some of the places of interest are:-

  • Wat Phumin

  • Doi Phu Kha National Park

  • Nan museum

  • Wat Phra That Chang Kham

  • Khun Nan National Park and many more

Pang Ung:

A 4 hour drive from Chiang Mai, is a secret hidden place in Thailand which is also dubbed as “The Switzerland of Thailand”. This nickname itself speaks a lot about this place. In Thai “ Pang” means shelter and “Ung” means wetland. Nestled among the mountains of Mar on Song province lies this small lake and a tribal hilly province. Tourism has not been flatteringly developed in this region due to it not being very accessible to the people. 

There are not many hotels offering you comfortable stays. However, the best suggestion to enjoy this hidden place of Thailand is to stay at a tent on the banks of the river and catch the gorgeous sunrise. Especially during the winter months and in particular from December to January, the sunrise here is too surreal. The mist-covered lake, peeking sunshine through this thick blanket which slowly lifts itself up revealing the beautiful alpine lake and thick pine forests underneath it; is an experience not to be missed. This place offers great hiking spots too.

Khao Sok Lake:

Locally known as Cheow Larn Lake, is a remnant of a rainforest much older and diverse than the great Amazon forests itself! Khao Sok Lake is part of the largest virgin islands of Southern Thailand. This is definitely a unique place in Thailand and is covered by limestone mountains from north to south. This hidden gem has unique and mesmerising sandstone and mudstone rocks jutting out of the pristine lake. 

There are rain falls almost throughout the year; from April to December. It gets it’s rains from both the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. These forests are a place to some of the rarest of species of animals. Some of the only known species of animals are found only on this bank.

This is also called “Thailand’s hidden Garden”! This is one of those places which allows you to stay in harmony with nature. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect getaway from our daily mundane and city-polluted lives?

The Bamboo bridge, Pai:

Known as Boon Ko Ku So bridge, a bamboo bridge was initially built across the paddy fields in Pai to basically help the monks commute and reach their monastery. But, the scenic beauty of this place made this place a nature’s jewel amidst lush greenery. 

Surrounded by mountains, this walk is a perfect walk to remember! One  of the most beautiful hidden places in Thailand, a nature lover should not miss. This place is extremely popular for yoga and massages. Acts as a perfect getaway from one’s hectic and stressful daily life. There are a few places you can visit as well. 

  • Waterfalls (eg: Pam Bok and Ma Paeng)

  • Lod Cave

  • Stone forest

  • The Canyon

  • Yun Lai ViewPoint

  • Night  markets and delicious street food stalls.

Koh Mak:

Another one of the hidden places in Thailand. An unspoiled Beach destination. A best choice to unwind. Koh Mak is a small island on the eastern gulf of Thailand, pretty close to Cambodia. They say that this is how Thailand was two decades ago. The best part about this place is the serene and empty beaches. 

The best time to visit Koh Mak is from December to March as it will be sunny and dry. There is not much public transport in this place and hence it’s better to rent a two wheeler or a bicycle for you to go around. 

The most famous beaches in Koh Mak are Ao Kao, Ao Suan Yai, Laem Son and Ao Phra. All of the beaches are excellent destinations for diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. As we all know that Thailand is famous for its food, even this hidden place of Thailand reflects just that. You have some of the most mouth watering restaurants on the beaches providing equally mesmerising views to it’s diners. So, get and get going for one of the best island hopping expeditions! 

Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall:

Silently tucked away between the thick jungles of Khuean Srinagarindra National Park this cascading beauty is one among the most unique places in Thailand. This is definitely one of the most amazing waterfalls of Thailand which has 7 tiers of gushing pure water sourcing from Kala mountain range and flows down to the Khwae Yai river. This 7 tiered waterfall is so picturesque that you will find it difficult to keep your camera down. All the 7 steps has its own unique name – Dong Wan, Man Khamin, Wang Na Pha, Chat Kaew, Lai Jon Long, Dong Pee Sua and Rom Klaow.

The best period to visit this place is September and October.  These months provide the best balance between water levels, weather and crowd sizes. However, the peak season for tourism is from November to February.

This mesmerising falls is called the “Emerald River” as the color of the water is a soothing green and this water has sculpted the lime stones to mould into a natural staircase forming beautiful pools along with the cascading waterfalls. You could also hike your way through all the tiers of the waterfalls for a great and refreshing experience!

Hope we have uncovered a few unique and hidden places in Thailand for you! Have a great time and forget about your daily stressful life for a few days and be one with nature and rejuvenate your batteries.