Tuscany Italy Replica in Thailand – Khao Yai Italian Village – A Must Visit

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 Have you ever wondered about experiencing the essence of Italy in Thailand? Look no further than the Tuscan village of Thailand, Paleo Khao Yai, located near the Khao Yai national park.

Let’s know more about the Khao Yai Italian Village in the land of smiles.

An Impressive little Italy in Thailand:

Khao Yai is a picturesque destination in Thailand themed like a Tuscan village. The charming village of Khao Yai offers travelers a distinct taste of Tuscany, Italy. Amazing places like Vineyards and dairy farms surround the village. It is also surrounded by some of the most upscale housing developments, organic Thai villages, resorts, villas, and even some Buddhist temples. The Italian themed architecture effectively attracts many travelers to this place.

How to Reach, from Bangkok?

It’s not too tough to reach Khao Yai from Bangkok, the shortest road distance being 125km. You can easily get a bus, minibus, or travel by a private taxi from Bangkok.

Hiring a taxi is the quickest way to reach Khao Yai from Bangjij. However, going by private taxi from Bangkok to Khao Yai can be an expensive way of traveling. But you will reach the place faster and conveniently. Traveling from Bangkok to Khao Yai by taxi should take 3 hours, depending on the traffic.

Palio Khao Yai Village:

Palio Khao Yai is an Italian village that features Italian architecture and is set against profuse tranquility and greenery. It is also known as an Italian-themed shopping center in the heart of Thailand’s wine country. This Tuscany Italy replica in Thailand attracts more tourists.

Palio was opened in early 2010 and co-owned by two investors Juladis and Primo Posto. This village features various types of stores and restaurants on the streets and alleyways that radiate like wheel spokes from Piazza Palio.

The novelty of the place, diversity, shopping options make the place more attractive. Nevertheless, the hot and subtropical weather drives you to enjoy cool drinks at the sidewalk cafes. You will forget that you’re in Thailand as you walk through Palio, Khao Yai.

As the place is surrounded by winery and other vintners, the environment helps to grow Shiraz, tempranillo, Chenin Blanc and Columbian grape varietals which are capable of producing quality wines. This place is the best place for retirees who want to settle in a serene atmosphere, a little far from Bangkok.

Palio is a perfect retreat for tourists in the middle of Thailand. You can enjoy some absolutely beautiful sunsets in the evening. The weather cools down at night and is very ideal for a moon-light dinner.

This place is a perfectly picturesque place, especially for Instagram shots. If you are a keen photographer, this place is suitable for you.

Enjoy the Architecture & Ambiance at the Tuscan Village of Thailand:

The Italian theme blends with many faux European style houses and resorts in the Khao Yai area. You will be awestruck when you drive through the streets and see these buildings.

The famous Bocca Della Verita carving from Rome is an amazing example of great architecture in this village. This place is surrounded with a clock tower, baroque-style buildings covered in ivy, manicured gardens, and a replica of the famous Bocca Della Verita (Mouth of Truth) carving in Rome.

If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, The Shire will be your dream stay. It is also a must-visit place for Lord of the rings fans. Instead of flying to New Zealand’s Hobbit movie set, you can stay at these adorable houses at an affordable cost. Stepping in a Hobbit house truly gives a magical experience. You can experience igloo-themed, cute hobbit houses.

If you are a traveler and cherish new moments with unforgettable experiences, Khao Yai is the best destination for you. You’ll be staying away from the night markets, nightlife, and rooftop bars. Instead surround yourself with flower gardens, hobbit homes, and Italian style streets. Click away colorful pictures in the flower gardens and fill your Instagram feeds with colors.

Enjoy your tour at Palio Inn, an Italian-themed hotel that is absolutely adorable. You can hear Italian songs in the morning and the view of sunlit streets in the colorful old town is something truly amazing. You’ll surely fall in love with an eclectic mix of cafes, souvenir shops, bakeries, and fashion boutiques. Don’t miss to take countless selfies with Alpacas at Primo Piazza.

What to Expect in Khao Yai Village?

As a great shopping destination, just 130km north-east of Bangkok, visitors can shop gifts and gourmet snacks, enjoy live entertainment. This wonder village is nestled amidst forest landscape just 20 km from the entrance of Khao Yai national park in Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Located at a higher elevated place, the temperature is relatively cooler than Bangkok, with a moderate breeze.

This grand idea of establishing a village-like Palio brings a charm of Tuscany to the green heart of Thailand. Though we can’t completely compare Palio with Tuscany, both the places share cool and sunny climate with vineyards. The developers have produced a truly unique and modern place in the middle of Thailand.

You can see outstanding terracotta-toned buildings with Mediterranean vibes when you enter the village. The potted flowers, baby ferns, and creeping ivy also add charm to this place. You can also see hanging baskets, ornate railings, and medieval-styled castle walls all around the village.

The creative planning and construction of the building are very consistent. The entire village is wheelchair and pushchair accessible. You will experience clear and green living at this place. As it is located near a national park, you will also witness the efficient use of resources by each and every person.

A Shopping Arcade:

Palio is not only a tourist destination but also a place to enjoy good shopping. As the area is surrounded by vineyards, you can see varieties of grape products such as grape juice, sun-dried grapes, grape cake, etc.

You can find an array of souvenirs, ornaments and fisherman pants at the markets. The prices are a little higher as compared to Chatuchak Market. But everything is clearly labeled, giving no room for bargaining.

You can also see sketch artists, clowns, musicians, and masquerading ladies strolling around the market. The central Piazza also has a number of coffee shops, bars, fountains that amuse the visitors.

You can also find a multitude of iron sculptures along the pathways. This beautiful place is a paradise for shopaholics.

What to Eat?

There is a wide range of options available if you are a foodie. Tempi Felici is an Italian restaurant that serves a mixture of pasta and rice dishes in Italian style. You will get food starting from 150 Baht. There is also a food court that serves perennial favorites like pad Thai, som tam and noodle soup for around 50 baht. You can also have snacks, sausages, macaroons, chocolates, fruits, pastries, etc. while strolling through the walkways.

Final Thoughts:

Combine your trip to Palio and Khao Yai national park for a day and you’ll enjoy the places. If you really want to see the alternative side of Thailand apart from the beaches and islands, then Khao Yai is the best place to visit, away from the scorching heat and the crowded streets of the city.