Thailand Emergency Services: Phone Numbers you should have before visiting Thailand


Thailand, is a country that has a tourist-friendly policy and attracts travelers from around the world, throughout the year. Thailand vacations are always a breeze as people have a wonderful time. However, accidents or unavoidable circumstances may also happen in Thailand during your trip. In addition, the hot climate, traffic, and the food can also sometimes lead to health problems among the tourists. Thus, before traveling to Thailand, it’s better to gather all the essential information of the country.

We should always be prepared for the worst. To avoid any risks, it is necessary to take precautions. Traveling in Thailand is fairly easy, but it is important to note down emergency numbers before you travel to Thailand.

The numbers you need to know are listed below. Just keep it with you for peace of mind.

Emergency Phone Numbers in Thailand:

Let’s hope you’ll never be in a problematic situation during your trip, but in case you run into one, be assured, these emergency numbers will help you.

  • Police: 191
  • Tourist Police: 1155 (English, German, and French spoken)
  • Fire Brigade: 199
  • Ambulance: 1669
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand: 1672

Call 191 if you need to contact the Thailand Police. 191 is the hotline to contact the Royal Thai Police. Sometimes the correspondents don’t understand English. In this case, you can contact the Tourist Police.  

In case of a health emergency, dial 1669. You will get a public ambulance when you call this number. If you are in urban areas, you will get the response in 10 to 15 minutes, and if in rural areas, it may take up to 30 minutes. If you call directly to any international hospital in Thailand, all the staff members understand English.

If you are facing serious health issues and you are not able to travel on the ground, then you can use private air ambulance companies. Many big hospitals have helipads. This is more expensive but you can reach the hospital in a shorter time. The air ambulance is also staffed with two pilots accompanied by two medical specialists to provide any medical help on the spot.

Other Emergency Numbers to Call in Thailand:

  • Tourist Service Center: 1672
  • Telephone Directory Assistance: 1133
  • Thailand Yellow Pages: 1188
  • Highway Police: 1193
  • Ambulance: 1646 (For Bangkok)
  • Bumrungrad International Hospital: +66 (0)2 667 2999
  • Ambulance for Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, Bangkok: +66 (0)2 712 7007
  • Bangkok Hospital (Emergency): +66 (0)2 310 3102
  • Immigration Bureau: +66 (0)2 287 3101
  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport: +66 (0)2 132 1888
  • Thai Airways: 1566
  • Bangkok Taxi call center: 1681/81, +66 (0)2 424 2222
  • Air Ambulance – 02 586 7654
  • National disaster warning center – 1860
  • Crime – 1195

How to deal during Emergency?

As you have the phone number of Tourist Police of Thailand (1155) call and voice your concern and they will definitely help you.

If you are facing a problem in Thailand, Don’t worry. You’ll find nearly everyone around extremely helpful. However, even though you are a guest in Thailand, all the people around you will also share your concern, even if you are a stranger to them.

Be calm at any situation and don’t get angry whether you are right or wrong. You will be treated with full respect if you remain calm and act friendly.

Be Polite and always keep a smile while solving your problem. A smile will take you real far with the people of the land of smiles. And the people will treat you with more respect.

Final Thoughts:

Thailand is a country with wide varieties of travel opportunities. However, you should always be ready for possible emergency circumstances. Do not forget to note down emergency phone numbers of Thailand. Keep your passport, insurance copy, ID and bank cards in your pocket. All these simple precautionary steps will help you avoid risky situations. We hope this guide will help keep yourself safe during your stay in Thailand.

Be careful and have a great time in Thailand!