10 Thai Phrases Every Indian should know before going to Thailand


Learning or trying to learn a different language is fun, especially when you are traveling to other countries. Whether it’s a small sentence of saying Thank you or mastering essential phrases like how to order something in a restaurant! 

Learning the basic words of different languages shows your effort to learn and respect other languages and cultures. And when the language is Thai, it is not that difficult to learn. The Thai grammar is relatively simple and the language is tonal. Every meaning of a word depends on how it is said, regardless of any kind of traveler. Memorize a few Thai words before visiting the kingdom.

Whatever the pronunciation, you should try telling the Thai words which will create chuckles and smiles on the faces of Thai locals. When they hear some unusual and unexpected words from the tourist’s, they love it. As Thailand is a popular destination, it is very important to be prompt while dealing with either the Tuk Tuk drivers, retailers, shopkeepers or at metro stations. 

In this article, we’ll go through some basic Thai Phrases that will be very helpful to you while traveling around the country. We have compiled 10 basic Thai phrases that will make your trip easier. 

Let’s have a look at some simple Thai phrases.

  • Hi / Hello: Sa-wad-dee-krap
  • How are you?: Sabai-dee-mai-kap?
  • Nice to meet you. Yindee-teedaị-roojak-krap
  • Can you speak English?: Pood paasang anggrit dai-mai krap?
  • I don’t understand: Mai Koh jai Krap
  • Where is the toilet? : Hong nam yoo tee nai khrap?
  • I’d like to go to the airport: Pon Ja Pa Pai Snambin
  • How much does it cost? Tao Rai krap?
  • Do you take credit cards? Tee-nee-rub-bud- credit card-mai-krap
  • Can you make it cheaper? Lod-ra-ka-luong-noi-dai-mai-krap? 


  • Not spicy please: Mai-ped-na-krap
  • I am a vegetarian: Pom-kin-mang-sa-wi-rat- krap 

Final Thoughts:

So that’s some basics regarding Thai language! 

Don’t worry about the regional language spoken in the kingdom. It is a tourist-friendly country where most people understand English. Moreover, the above brief overview of simple Thai Phrases will definitely help you when you are traveling.