Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand for Honeymoon Couples


Thailand has always been a dream destination for many couples for its famous and lively tropical beaches, ancient relics, and splendid palaces. Thailand will be a perfect place for honeymoon catering to all of your fantasies. Their elegant landscapes, extravagant beach resorts, delicious foods will definitely make your Honeymoon unforgettable!

Thailand attracts millions of tourists across the world, especially couples, as there are plenty of romantic spots for them. 

Check out the places below. It will definitely help you find the best suited destination per your requirements. 

1.  Phuket: A romantic island

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. It is one of the best places to visit in the country. It is a romantic honeymoon destination blessed with clean beaches and long coastline making it a picture-perfect and romantic getaway. You can enjoy the seaside resorts, restaurants, spas, and markets.

Ideal Duration for Honeymoon: 2 to 3 days

Things to do: 

Engage yourself in some beautiful Island hopping around Phuket. Party hard and pamper yourself with a couple spa and massage. Don’t miss the phenomenal Majestic Buddha. 

If you both love adventure then you should try Scuba Diving as it is one of the best destinations for this activity. No prior experience is needed. Training will be provided by the instructors. Phi Phi island, in Phuket is also among the ideal places for scuba diving. You can also enjoy snorkeling and deep sea-diving with your partner (Training will be provided for this as well). To complete your Honeymoon experience, take a romantic Cruise along the Phang Nga Bay.

Check the video of Racha Noi and Racha Yai, Phuket for Scuba Diving.


2.  Krabi: Island for adventurous couple

Krabi is one of the perfect honeymoon destinations in Thailand for adventurous couples. You will find a group of 130 isolated and peaceful islands where you can spend quality time with your partner.

You will find picturesque landscapes, caves, coral reefs, and clean beaches. The stunning sunset is one of the most blissful experiences you will have.

Sandstone cliffs and the Emerald Pools have made the island more popular for  rock climbing, trekking, scuba diving, kayaking, island-hopping, and many more.

Many tourists plan for Phuket and Krabi at the same time as the distance between these two places isn’t much. Traveling between these two destinations is relatively easy. There are bus services from Phuket which will take 2 to 3 hours to cover the 165 kilometers between them. There are also other options available like minibus services, taxi services, and van services to reach Krabi from Phuket. The best thing is taking a ferry service that provides a relatively comfortable way to travel. You can enjoy the incredibly scenic beauty of islands for achieving a great experience.

Ideal Duration for Honeymoon: 1 to 2 days

Things to do

Relax along the shores of the beaches. Candlelight dinner on the shore with aromatic and mouth-watering seafood. Visit the beautiful Railay beach. And not to miss – climb to the tiger cave temple. You will also find a lot of Indian restaurants which will give u a sense of a home away from home!

Get to know why you should choose Phuket as your honeymoon destination?

3.  Koh Lanta: An exclusive place for honeymoon

Koh Lanta is one of the distinct places to visit in Thailand for honeymooners. It constitutes 9 small islands and you will find sandy beaches, mangrove forests, and also many coral reefs which makes it a perfect place for a romantic walk with your partner.

You can enjoy Kayaking through the tangled greenery. Just sit on its white sandy beaches and listen to the sweet songs of birds. This is one of the best beaches in the world to spend your honeymoon.

You will find lots of beach villas, pool villas, and also very good spas at this place. Just head on to the lovely beaches and enjoy the spectacular sunset with your partner. You can also enjoy the clear waters, bright corals, and the beautiful marine inhabitants while scuba diving.

Ideal Duration for Honeymoon: 2 to 3 days

Things to do : 

Discover the caves, enjoy classy luxury resorts, swimming, and a visit to the nearby local villages .

4.  Phi Phi Islands: Exotic place for couples

Phi Phi Island is one of the most ideal honeymoon destinations in Thailand. You will experience the beauty of the stunning beaches, exotic resorts, and brilliant villas on this island where you will find heavenly peace, luxury, and comfort during your honeymoon.

Phi Phi island has a sublime beauty with colorful reef wraps. It’s also a popular place for scuba diving and snorkeling. If you are a party-loving pair who wants to explore the beach life and action-packed nights in the city, Phi Phi Island is the best option for you.

There are two options available to reach Phi Phi Island from Phuket: Speed Boats and Ferries. Ferries take 2 hours from Phuket and 1.5 hours from Krabi to Phi Phi Island. Rassada Pier is the departure and arrival port in Phuket.

Ideal Duration for Honeymoon: 2 to 3 days

Things to do : 

Happening beach life, luxury and tranquility of exotic resorts. Take part in some thrilling water sport activities at the place if you love adventure.

5.  Pattaya: Blissful place for sports and adventurous couple

Pattaya, a beautiful city on the eastern Gulf Coast, is a perfect place for an exotic experience for honeymoon couples. You will see high condominiums, shopping malls, and beaches which are major attractions in the city.

Pattaya grew from a small fishing village into an energetic coastal city as its beaches are packed from dusk to dawn. You will find dazzling nightlife and thrilling water sports activities in Pattaya. You can also explore cabaret bars, shopping malls, and luxurious hotels across the city. Sometimes the seawater turns into bright blue color and gets illuminated due to the phenomenon of bioluminescent plankton. This will definitely add on to make your honeymoon experience more memorable.

Ideal Duration for Honeymoon: 3 to 4 days

Things to do : 

Discover popular beaches. Walk the streets to experience the nightlife of Thailand. Visit the Sanctuary of Truth, an architectural wonder during the day. Don’t miss Siam Pattaya and enjoy the Sapphire mines. Take a canopying tour if you love adventure.

6.  Koh Samui: A couple’s paradise

Koh Samui is the 2nd largest island in Thailand. It offers a lot of diverse attractions and a distinctly relaxed atmosphere, hence making it one of the best honeymoon places to visit in Thailand. This place is famous for its numerous small inhabited islands.

Koh Samui is one of the most romantic as well as a party destination for couples. You can enjoy some of the biggest and most mind-blowing parties that last all night. 

The turquoise waters of the bay provides attractive beach scenery. The boutique hotels, private villas, and lavish resorts are some of the lime lights of the island.

Ideal Duration for Honeymoon: 1 to 2 days

Things to do: 

Enjoy an exquisite dinner on treetops at Anantara Lawana. Visit the Buddha shrine. Enjoy the Namuang waterfalls. Take a trip to Ang Thong national marine park which is a place of rare marine and wildlife creatures. Snorkel in the crystal clear beaches of Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan. Enjoy the panoramic coastal viewpoint at Lad Koh.

7.  Koh Phangan: An exquisite place for full moon parties

Koh Phangan is another ideal and one of the best places for honeymoon in Thailand. You will experience an extraordinary honeymoon trip in its flawless ambiance.

A relaxed island, paradise for party lovers as well as romantic couples. Be ensured of the best experience of a romantic stay and enjoy the full moon beach parties.

Ideal Duration for Honeymoon: 2 to 3 days

Best places to explore: The Sadet-Ko Pha Ngan National Park, Phaeng Waterfall, and Slip N Fly are few of the major attractions on the island. See the beautiful sunset at Mae Haad beach, Visit the Phaeng waterfall, and also the Sala night market.

8.  Chiang Mai: A beautiful destination for honeymoon couples

Chiang Mai is a land of open beauty and rich history with authentic cuisine. You will see the city covered by a red wall on all sides, enshrined by Buddhist temples, streets are lined by western food outlets, cafes, canals, etc. It is located on high range mountains and surrounded by tribal villages. It is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Thailand for honeymoon.

The city is encircled by rain forests and mountains. The greenery of Chiang Mai and its hilly views are magnificent to witness. You will enjoy this place with its many adventure sports like zip-lining, river rafting, and rock climbing. If you are a food lover, then you will definitely love Chiang Mai. You will find a Burmese touch within Thai cuisine which will delight your taste buds. 

There is a sister town to Chiang Mai, which is known as Chiang Rai City. A relaxed and pleasant place with historical and cultural attractions, has made it a perfect place for couples. The night bazaar, Saturday street walk, and the Jazz festival are its main attractions. You will find luxury hotels along the waterfront.Take a tail boat and ride along the two riverbanks to make some most memorable memories.

Ideal Duration for Honeymoon: 2 to 3 days

Things to do: 

Visit the Doi Inthanon National Park and enjoy its natural beauty. Don’t miss the adventurous experience of a night safari in the national park if you both love the thrill.

9.  Koh Nang Yuan Island: A beautiful island with hotshot party destinations

Koh Nang Yuan Island is one of the ideal honeymoon destinations in Thailand for party-loving couples. You can chill, relax, and enjoy the adventure with your partner at this place.

This island comprises of three lands connected via a massive sand strip. You will find amazing dive resorts with such a feel of nature that, it will stay forever in your hearts.

The attractive aquamarines, the white sand, and the scenic rocks set a perfect location for couples. It is very close to some of the popular islands like Koh Tao and Koh Samui, so it is often in the bucket list of every traveler’s list.

Ideal duration for Honeymoon: 2 to 3 days

Things to do: 

Enjoy snorkeling and the inter-island zip lining. Don’t miss the coral reefs. .

10.  Similan Islands: A romantic place for honeymoon couples

Similan Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand that constitutes 9 small islands to form the Similan Archipelago. Similan is derived from the word ‘Sembilan’ which means nine.

It is also famous for its amazing diving sites. You can see the submerged boulders, archways, and exotic fishes in some islands. This makes it as one of the best places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon.

You will experience spectacular coral reefs, pristine beaches, and excellent diving places on this island. The island is on the bucket list for most of the diving lovers.

Ideal Duration for Honeymoon: 2 days

Things to do: 

Dive from the twin peaks at KoTachai. Snorkel in the crystal clear water. Also, enjoy the sunbathing.

Final Thoughts:

Thailand is a bunch of sunny islands which are a paradise for honeymoon couples. You must be thinking about exploring Thailand for a dreamy honeymoon experience. Be smart while choosing the package. Take an enthralling tour from India and cover most of the places in Thailand with Dimaak Tours.