5 Places to avoid in Pattaya if you’re traveling with your wife


Thailand sometimes appears to have a bad reputation and impression towards the tourists. Yet it remains a top holiday destination for tourists across the world.

The kingdom has the world’s most postcard-perfect beaches, ornate temples, and rich culture. It is truly the world’s most beautiful destination and a must-visit place for budding travelers. Thailand has its shady corners like any other country. The disparity crops up because of certain people. But when you are aware of what to do and more importantly what not to do, you will enjoy your vacation pleasantly. There are certain events that create a bad and unsafe image for the kingdom.

Here in this guide, presenting you with some tips and suggestions while you’re traveling with your wife or with your loved ones. The list of do’s and don’ts will act as a relevant factor for you and ensure you have a safe and pleasant stay in Thailand.  If you are traveling to Pattaya for the first time, or with your wife, or with your friends, know about certain tips and tricks that will be useful during your trip.

5 Places to avoid in Pattaya if you are traveling with your wife: 

1.  Soi LK Metro: 

Soi LK Metro is a place where you will find a number of Go-Go Bars. The budget guesthouses and street food vendors in this 200m area are surrounded by girlie bars.

It comes alive every evening with people wanting to have all of the fun. With huge crowds, loud music, and party environment all over the place the street starts from LK Metropole hotel to Soi Diana Inn which is an L shaped road. You will easily get draught beers for 60 to 80 baht in this place. The beer prices are comparatively low.

You will find that the bars have a great and well-established atmosphere with good prices for the drinks, as well as plenty of TV screens showing international sports and a couple of pool tables. You will also find many girlie bars at this place.

A great place for bachelors to have fun with cheap drinks, but not recommended when you are traveling with your wife/family. Plan and prepare a special itinerary for your trip with your spouse. If your better half is not happy with your decision, then it’s a good way to assess your expectation and plan it in a way that both agree.

2.  Walking Street: 

Walking Street of Pattaya is the busiest party spot in Thailand. You will find top places for entertainment in Thailand. It is a red light and entertainment area in Pattaya and the gateway to the beach road. Every building along the street is surrounded by nightclubs, go-go bars, beer bars, or restaurants. You will find the nightlife entertainment at this place on the streets of Soi 14 to Soi 16.

The remarkable thing about the Pattaya walking street is that the place is densely packed and one can find tasty food and get hung-over throughout the night. You will see hundreds of venues in and around the neon-drenched strip. However, this place is not suitable for couples.

It’s good to avoid such places while traveling with your wife. It’s not like you are compromising, but if your wife doesn’t want, it is better to skip.

3.  Soi Honey: 

Soi Honey is a small street where you will find a lot of beer bars, massage parlors, and go-go bars. It is located between the 2nd road of Pattaya and Soi Buakhao and a little north of Diana Inn. This street is very narrow and proper care should be taken while walking along with it. You can come for a beer to the place and if you like you can have a massage by paying some extra bahts.

One of the important things you should know that the area is having a lot of businesses offering massage services. You will find a high concentration of massage parlors in this area.

A classy venue for bachelors to go along and enjoy their drink in the company of beautiful ladies. Also, one can create their own party atmosphere by purchasing drinks and sit back to enjoy the fun. But this place is not a convenient place for couples. You should avoid this place in Pattaya when you are with your loved ones or spouse.

4.  Soi 6: 

Soi 6 is one of the most tarnished parts of the city. This place is referred to as Soi Yodsak or Soi half a dozen. You will find many bars and the girls in the bars are very friendly. The whole street is of 350-meter length and is surrounded by pink neon lights.

This place is so notorious when you walk across the street, you will definitely hear the beckoning sound of girl’s “Hello, Handsome Man!” There are certain ladyboy bars also associated with the place. Sometimes the rogue ladyboys might grab a person inside and wouldn’t let them go for a few minutes and demand money.

For those who want to see the naughtier part of the city, this place is quite suitable for them. Not recommended for the people who wish to travel with their wife or girlfriends. The bars generally have open fronts and facing each other so that everyone can see almost everything going on inside.

5.  Gems Gallery: 

Gems Gallery, Pattaya is an affiliate to the Gems Gallery group of companies, one of the top local jewelers with expertise in the jewelry industry since 1987.

The Gems Gallery is truly a spectacular jewelry store that incorporates a totally new service in the form of ‘Theme Park Dark Ride’, a dramatic Light & Sound presentation of the glittering world of gems.

You will find the largest selections of gems and jewelry and be guided by experienced staff to provide service. The English speaking specialists will help you to choose unique jewelry from their extensive selection.

You can also witness varieties of jewelry, brooches, necklaces, pendants, etc. The jewelry at the Gems gallery is much expensive. If you have the money, this is the place for you. If you want to give your wife an expensive gift from Gems Gallery, then she won’t hesitate to select from the collections. If you don’t want to buy something, then skip the place.

Final Thoughts: 

Traveling to Pattaya with your wife is priceless. There are a lot of exotic places where you can try different activities during your romantic vacation. You can also explore some interesting places that leave your trip speechless.

Best things to do in Pattaya: Read this article before you plan your trip to Pattaya.

However, Pattaya truly lives up to its title of being the party city, for its nightlife. There is a ruthless image due to its wild party streets & thundering clubs. The bachelors will surely enjoy the place. But the couple won’t like such kind of atmosphere.

Moreover, for party-loving couples, there is no dearth of fun in the city. They can enjoy local experiences and parties in the city. Surely, you will be overwhelmed by the buzzing beehive of parties. Just ensure your safety before moving to any nightlife hub.

If you are looking for a more coastal taste in Thailand with bar lives and Go-Gos, Pattaya can be your destination.