Chiang Mai Nightlife -10 Best Places to Party Hard


Thailand is a country of breathtaking natural beauty, beautiful temples, and a lot of adventurous activities and water sport activities. Chiang Mai, a beautiful town in Thailand is not only famous for its ancient temples but is gaining popularity for its vibrant nightlife as well.

Whether you are into the club scene or prefer a laid-back wine bar where you can enjoy a glass in the company of a few friends, there is no place like Chiang Mai.  So, leave your worries behind, grab a glass of your favorite drink and, head to a classy club in town, and enjoy the glorious Chiang Mai nightlife with some good music!

Hence, take a look at some of the best Night clubs in Chiang Mai to have the time of your life while in this beautiful country.

1.  Zoe In Yellow:

Zoe in Yellow is one of the most popular night clubs in Chiang Mai.  It is a bar with a dance floor. Different types of music like pop, hip hop, techno is played in different bars and you can see the crowd dancing their hearts out. The drinks are reasonably priced.  It is said that you haven’t visited Chiang Mai until you have had a drink at Zoe in Yellow!

So, why not have a crazy experience of Chiang Mai Party Nightlife.

Opening Hours: Daily from Sunset – 00:00

Location: Rajvithi road, Old city, Chiang Mai

2.  North Gate Jazz Co-op:

Jazz music in its pure form at  Chiang Mai.  Where else but at North Gate Jazz Co-op. The music and entertainment is top-notch. The jam nights here are supposed to be the best and the place is crowded with young foreigners. The drinks are affordable and the place is filled mostly with young western visitors. One of the must-visit Night Clubs in Chiang Mai.

Needless to say, it is one of the most amazing places in the  Chiang Mai Nightlife area. 

Timings: 7:00 pm to 12:00 am

Location: 91/1-2 Sripoom Road, Chang Phuek Gate, Chiang Mai 50200

3.  THC Rooftop Bar:

The rooftop bar is very popular with backpackers and youngsters. It is a reggae bar and a wide range of music is played from reggae to trance and dance. To enjoy Chiang Mai Party Nightlife with loud and boisterous music all night one must visit THC Rooftop bar. 

The atmosphere is also a good place to dance with a small dance floor open all night. You can also enjoy the drinks in one hand and have a magnificent view of the Chiang Mai Nightlife area.

Opening Hours: 18:00 – 00:00

Address: 19/4-5 Kotchasarn Road, opposite Thapae Gate

4.  Spicy Nightclub:

The last place to close in the Chiang Mai Nightlife area is the Spicy Night Club. If you enjoy dancing late into the night and don’t want the party to stop this is the place to be. The ideal time is to arrive before midnight and you will find a dark, empty room with pounding music.  It becomes jam-packed with a mixed clientele and is a lot of fun if you are looking to dance and mingle late into the night. 

Opening Hours: 22:00 – 03:00 (best after 01:00)

Address: Chaiyapoom Road (just north of Tha Phae Gate)

5.  HOBS:

HOBS or the House of Beers is one of the best Night Clubs in the Chiang Mai area. As the name suggests, this beer garden is an exclusively fantastic place for lovers of beer. A very popular brand having 6 branches is located inside the Kantary Terrace shopping mall. You can enjoy live music with a selection of a very long menu of beers from around the world. 

The beers are reasonably priced and imported varieties are sold here along with wine.

Opening Hours: 18:00-24:00

Location: Nimmanhaemin Road, 2/F Kantary Terrace, Chiang Mai

6.  Infinity Club:

Infinity club is a large nightclub in Chiang Mai playing a mix of electronic, dance and house music. International visitors hang around in this area along with locals. The dance floor in Infinity Club is indoor and there is a standing area outside along with a bar and DJ Stage. The dance floor has an impressive sound system and lighting with laser beams over the central part. You can also sit outside and enjoy your drinks.

Opening Hours: 18:00 – 24:00

Location: Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 6, Nimman

7.  Monkey Club:

This is one of the most popular nightspots in the whole Chiang Mai Nightlife area. Monkey club is one of the biggest Night Clubs in the Chiang Mai area. You can get a real taste of club life here with an expansive outdoor terrace that has live bands and a dark club inside where music is played to an excited audience. Thai rock bands play a mix of Thai pop songs and classic western hits. The music is loud but most people come here to party which means dancing is more popular than chatting.

The nightclub section of Monkey Club is hidden within the soundproof glass and pumps bass-heavy tunes out to an enthusiastic crowd until 02:00. 

Opening Hours: 20:00 – 02:00

Address: Nimmanhaemin 9 Road, Chiang Mai

8.  Warm up cafe:

To enjoy the Chiang Mai Nightlife visit one of the best clubs in Chiang Mai the Warm up Cafe. You can experience and have the best of both the worlds i.e club and pub. With an alfresco terrace, the club provides energetic live music and stage performances.  Warm-up Cafe provides the best Chiang Mai Party Nightlife.

Location: Nimman Road, Chiang Mai.

9.  Boys blue bar:

Among all the best places of Chiang Mai nightlife, Boys Blue Bar is the most exquisite one. The best thing about this bar is you can come across genuine and talented musicians here. If you are a fan of Blues music and enjoy live music then no second thoughts about visiting this Night club in Chiang Mai. You can also pick up a guitar and join in the fun. 

Timings: 8:00 pm to 12:00 am. Closed on Sundays

Location: Soi 6, Changklan Road, Kalare Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai, Thailand

10.  Bus Bar:

Enjoy the Chiang Mai Party Nightlife, the Bus Bar is a double-decker public bus, which is now converted into a center for enjoying the most amazing cocktails, and of course beer in the city. A unique experience of fun in  an open riverside bar. The music here is a mix of various music of  Thai genres, making the happy crowd dance and groove on their feet for hours.

Timings: 6:00 pm to 1:00 am

Location: 111 Kampangdin Rd., Across from the Imperial Mae Ping Hotel at the foot of the Iron Bridge

Final thoughts:

Chiang Mai has a surprisingly diverse collection of nightclubs. The Chiang Mai Party Nightlife is not just beer bars, hippie backpackers, and night bazaars; there is a whole lineup of pumping clubs to be found too. From sassy Go-Go bars to lively nightclubs, this city has got something for everyone.

So why wait? Visit Chiang Mai and party like never before.