25 Amazing Bali Adventure Activities


The Jewel of Indonesia, Bali is a wonderland that is not short of any paradise. Best suited for any kind of vacation, be it a honeymoon or a jolly trip with friends, or an adventurous one, Bali has it all covered. From sweeping panoramic vistas to raging, fierce volcanoes. There is no other destination better than Bali to have your thirst for adventure quenched. 

Get, Set, Start!

What activities can you do in Bali?

This is a question that is hard to answer in just a few words. So, here we have picked a few of the top ones you should never miss especially if you are an adventure geek!

So let’s get packing and moving!

To just make things easy for you to find the right kind of adventure that suits your taste, we have categorized them into the mode of adventure they are based on. 

Adventures Up in the Air:

1.  Glide along with Paragliding

Flying like a bird over the Paradise on Earth, what more could you ask for? Yes, Paragliding is one of the extreme adventures in Bali, where you jump out of an aircraft wearing a special parachute that allows you to travel freely horizontally till you reach the ground. 

Glide over the blue ocean and the greeneries at Ubud wander in the sky over the white beach sand and the blue ocean at Timbis beach in Kuta, fly from the pristine beauty Sawangan cliff at Nusa dua or paraglide over the picturesque Nyang Nyang Beach, reefs, and the sacred temples at Uluwatu.

The best seasons for paragliding are from April to November and the best time to fly is between 1:00 p.m to 4:00 p.m. You can fly solo or in tandem.

Best Location/Operator: Bali paragliding tours, RIUG Paragliding

Cost of the activity: from INR 8200

Age Limit: Minimum 5 years

Timing: from 10:00 a.m depends on the operator

2.  Swing with a Panoramic view:

The mention of swing brings your childhood memories alive, isn’t it? So bring back your childhood days by swinging in Bali with breathtaking views for your background. 

One of the most thrilling activities to do in Bali is to swing high above the trees, rice fields, valleys, and cliffs and get a spectacular view of the lakes, waterfalls, and the lush jungles below..

Swing from as high as 10 m to the thrilling sway at a height of 78 m from the ground at the Bali Swing. Swing through the tropical jungle at Lekaja Bali Swing, instagrammable photoshoot while swinging at the Wanagiri Hidden Hills Swing, Swing facing the waterfall at the Balansingha Waterfall Swing, swing between coconut trees at the Zen Hideaway Ubud are some of the most popular swinging at Bali.

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Best Location/Operator: Bali swing, Aloha Ubud Swing

Cost of the activity: around INR 2600 depending on the location and package

Age Limit: 5 yrs to 70 yrs

Timing: 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m

3.  Sail in the Air with Parasailing:

The pristine beaches of Bali attract tourists from all over the world for the adventurous water sport activities it offers especially Parasailing. Also known as Parascending or Parakiting, you will be harnessed to a specially designed canopy that resembles a parachute which is connected by a rope to a speed boat. You are advised to walk or run towards the boat and the boat speeds uplifting you up in the air, flying like a bird, the speed of the boat is controlled to maintain the desired height. Fly solo or in tandem for a thrilling adventure that lasts 6 minutes.

Soar high up in the sky over the Bali sea capturing the verdant view of the white sand and the turquoise-green waters with warm breeze brushing your face, heart pumping hard for a memorable unforgettable experience. One of the must-do activities in Bali.

Best Location/Operator: Bali Parasailing adventure, Parasailing Adventure, Tanjung Benoa Watersport

Cost of the activity: around INR 560

Age Limit: 7 years and above

Word of Caution: Not advisable for people with heart conditions, ear infections, respiratory problems, and woman who are pregnant

4.  Experience the terrific Helicopter ride:

One of the most popular adventure sports in Bali which covers a lot of scenic places within a short span of 30 minutes is the Helicopter ride. If you don’t have much time and would not like to miss out on some of the beauties that Bali has to offer then opt for this amazing experience. 

There are plenty of rides to choose from. Some of the best ones are: 

  1. Fly over the Kintamani volcano and get a bird’s eye view of the rice fields, Lake Batur and the Caldera, deep gorges, and enjoy the stunning vistas of the active volcanoes Mt Batur and Mt Agung.
  2. Fly over the Serangan Island, around Garuda Wisnu Monument, Padang Padang beach, ancient sacred Uluwatu temple, and to the famous water sport joint at Tanjung Benoa.
  3. Fly to the volcanic crater of Mt Batur, the Tanah Lot temple, the famous Kuta Beach, rice fields, valleys, and Ubud villages. 

Best Location/Operator: Mason Sky tours, Air Bali Helicopter

Cost of the activity: from INR 32400 depending on the tour and the duration

Age Limit: no age limit

Word of Caution: Alcohol and smoking not permitted. The ride depends on the weather conditions.

5.  Take a Long Dive from the Skies:

Soar like an eagle and float in the sky, yes one of the best adventure activities in Bali, Skydiving, a must for adventure enthusiasts. With the rush of adrenaline look down on the pint-sized temples, bleach white beaches, cliffs, and lush green paddy fields from above.

 The most popular destination for skydiving is Kuta where you can go in tandem with the instructor and dive from a height of 10000 ft and after that both of you free fall. The instructors instruct on the procedures to be followed during the dive especially during the free fall and when to open the parachute. Having said that you are fitted with all the necessary equipment like a parachute and then harnessed together with the instructor. Now you are ready for an amazing lifetime experience.

Best Location/Operator: Mudana Paya, Plouf diving

Cost of the activity: around  INR 18000

Age Limit: above 18 years

Word of Caution: Not advisable to people with a back problem, heart problem, and people with special needs

Adventures Down in the Water:

6.  Go raging with White water Rafting

Watched the movie ‘Eat Pray Love’? Rafting in Bali gained popularity thanks to this movie. The thrill of going down a river 12 or 16 km long for 2 hours in a raft challenging the high irregular waves is an unforgettable experience for beginners as well as the experienced. 

While in Bali depending on the difficulty level choose from  Ayung River Rafting in Ubud, Telaga Waja rafting, or Melangit river rafting. The Telaga waja rafting on the shallow Telaga Waja river is ideal for beginners. The 4 m drop at the Beijing Dam is the highlight of this rafting tour. The Ayung River rafting passes through plantations and stunning resorts, the highlight here is you get to see the carvings of our Ramayan and the Mahabharata on natural stones. 

The excitement of rafting through the flora and the fauna, hidden waterfalls, deep valleys, unspoiled jungles, narrow canyons, beautiful rice fields is not to be missed. Capture the memory of these exhilarating water sports  activities in Bali  for posterity 

Best Location/Operator: Ayung river rafting Ubud, Bali River Rafting Tours

Cost of the activity: From INR 3000

Age Limit: from 9 years

Timing: 7:00 a.m to 10:00 or 11:00 p.m

7.  Heart pumping Dive off the cliff:

A free-fall down the cliff, Cliff Jumping, one of the dangerous sports attracting adventure seekers is gaining popularity of late. Dive into the crystal clear turquoise blue water and discover the coral reef in one of Bali’s extreme activities. The cliff points generally have a diving board varying from 3 m to 10m and a ladder below for you to climb back to the diving spot. 

Some of the popular cliff jumps are the Devil’s Tears cliff jump at Nusa Lembongan, Mahana Point cliff jump at Nusa Ceningan, Jimbaran Point Cliff Jump, undiscovered Tegal Wangi Cliff Jump where the diving board is at a height between 3 -5 m. 

The top on the list with its 3 cliff points and 2 water slides is the  Aling Aling cliff Point 

Best Location/Operator: Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan

Cost of the activity: from INR 700

Age Limit: 10 years and above

8.  Slide down the Natural Waterfall:

Slide along the  Kroya, Aling Aling, and Twin waterfalls at Sambangan,  a picturesque location in Bali. A unique sporting activity for the adventurous, Water Slides at the Aling Aling waterfall is where you get to slide down the water before you jump off a 5m platform. There are guides to assist you in diving at various levels. The guides next take you to another level where you slide again and then dive from the 10 m platform. The last level is the 15m point. 

At Kroya waterfall, the 12 m natural water slide is exhilarating. The water flowing through the natural crevice makes a natural slide and only persons with strong hearts can take this risk. Be there by 8:00 a.m to enjoy uninterrupted slides.

Wearing life jackets provided,  venture into this fun-filled activity of sliding and diving, a once-in-a-lifetime Bali water sports activity.

Best Location/Operator: Sambangan, 

Cost of the activity: from INR 700

Age Limit: no age limit

9.  Glaze through with KiteSurfing:

A water sport that is exciting and gaining popularity in Bali, Kite surfing, is surfing with the feeling of the wind against your face. The shallow areas of the 

beaches are ideal surfing points for beginners as well as the skilled. The ideal season is May to September. 

Also known as Kiteboarding, Kite surfing which is a combination of Wakeboarding, WindSurfing, power kite flying, is one of the most exhilarating Bali activities to do. 

With the help of instructors get yourself harnessed with straps to a surfboard and enjoy the exhilarating feeling of being pulled across the water by a  large power kite. The kite is attached to a horizontal bar which is used for steering purposes. by using a 30 m long line.  The power of the wind allows it to cruise fast, jump as high as 28 m and perform some spins too. 

 If you love water, the thrill of speed on waves then Kite surfing is for you.

Best Location/Operator: Kite and surf Bali pro shop, Rip Curl School of Surfing

Cost of the activity: from INR 3500

Age Limit: from 8 years

Word of Caution: Tread carefully as there are many Crabs on the sand

10.  Adventures of the Deep Blue Sea:

To explore the marine world snorkeling and Scuba diving on the beaches of North Bali is an amazing experience. The famous scuba diving spots are at Nusa Lembongan, Amed, and Pemuteran. Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous places for snorkeling with family and friends.

The blue waters, stunning coral reefs, and rich marine life draw tourists to these spots for an out of word experience. Dive deep and unravel the mysteries of the underworld sea bed or snorkel in the shallow waters surrounded by amazing sea creatures with your loved ones for an unmissable experience. 

While Scuba diving you have to use an apparatus for breathing underwater whereas in Snorkelling the tube allows you to breathe from the surface with your face in the water.     Enjoy the vibrant coral reefs, school of fishes, and debris of ships down under in the best water sports in Bali.

Best Location/Operator: Adventure Scuba diving Bali, GEKO dive Bali – PADI 5 Star Dive

Cost of the activity: from INR 4200

Age Limit: 10 years and above

11.  Underwater scooter diving:

Riding a scooter underwater? Unbelievable isn’t it? Do not miss out on these amazing Bali adventure activities of experiencing diving underwater on a scooter.  

Bali Underwater scooter is designed for underwater diving with a self-contained breathing apparatus and providing excellent views of underwater life. So do away with back-strapped tanks and sitting in the breathing environment, control the handlebars for direction and use the batons for speed, and travel to a depth of 20m at a speed of 2 Km/hour. 

It is easy to breathe as the helmet of the motorcycle is constantly supplied with air. Feed the fishes through the observation window while down under for a fantastic experience.

Best Location/Operator: Sanur, Kuta, Nusa dua

Cost of the activity: from INR 3500 for 2

Age Limit: 9 years and above

12.  Take a ride with some unique Canyon tubes:

One of the recently included adventurous activities in the unspoiled northeast  Ubud, Canyon tubing, is a solo ride on an inflatable tube, one of the Bali activities to do. Canyon tube is a one and half hour tubing down the Pakerisan river for 4 to 5 km through waterfalls, river curves, flora and fauna, and stone hedges maneuvering on class II rapids for a memorable experience. 

Very similar to water rafting, strapped with a helmet and life vest holding on to the insides of the tube, experiencing the thrill of riding downstream through the rain forest and plunging down rocky edges is immeasurable. 

Float down the hidden canyon in the north of Payangan or descend down in a tube on the Siap stream for a memorable adventure with family and friends.

Best Location/Operator: Adventure and spirit

Cost of the activity: from INR 8200

Age Limit: from 10 years

13.  Go wild with Sea Breaching:

One of the exhilarating and jaw-dropping water sport, Sea Breaching, is a fusion of jet ski, submarine, and marine mammals. 

A water sport where you ride on a craft resembling a marine mammal sitting inside a jet-like cockpit, with a speed of 80 km per hour and dive up to 2 meters under the water at a speed of up to 40 km per hour. An edge of the seat ride with your heart pumping hard as you traverse on the water and go down in a curve-like motion. The watercraft uses glass which is similar to the glass used in F16 fighter jets.

Capture on camera as you go in and out of the water to show off to your friends. 

Best Location/Operator: Serangan watersports, Aussie Bali adventures

Cost of the activity: around INR 4500

Age Limit: 10 years and above

14.  Have fun on the Flying Fish:

One of the thrilling water sport activities, the Flying Fish ride is a water ride on a boat that resembles a fish. 3 banana boats are connected by rubber and are pulled by a speed boat. An ideal adventure activity with friends and family, fly like a fish on the crystal clear water with twists and turns like a gymnast on the picturesque Bali sea..

One of the latest entrants to the Bali adventure activities, flying fish, is a thrilling activity where you are tied to an inflatable rubber boat that is attached to a speed boat. The speed of the boat lifts you in the air and while experiencing the gush of wind blowing across your face, you literally float standing up on the waters holding on to the ropes. 

Feel like a bird while flying over the clear ocean and as the boat moves at breakneck speed, feel the adrenaline rush through the body for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Best Location/Operator: Nusa Dua Beach

Cost of the activity: from INR 2300

Age Limit: 9 yrs to 60 yrs

15.  Fly High with Flyboarding:

One of the new adventures making a foray into the field of watersports in Bali, Flyboarding or Water Jetpacks, is an activity where you soar into the sky on a flyboard attached to a Jet Ski Motor and dive like a dolphin into the water.

Provided with a backpack your foot is strapped to a special kind of boot which is attached to a surfing board. This is in turn connected with a hose to a motor and when the speed of the motor increases, the powerful water spray coming out of the nozzles from the boots lifts you  10-15 m into the air and lets you dive in the water and resurface.

The hydropower is manipulated by the instructor as per your skills. Experience the adrenaline rush in one of the most popular activities in Bali Indonesia

Best Location/Operator: Bali Apollo dive and Watersport / Tanjeng benoa

Cost of the activity: from INR 2800

Age Limit: 10Yrs

16.  Play some Board Games on Water

If you want to enjoy the beautiful coasts of Bali then cruise along the water standing upright on a single long paddle. Stand-up paddle surfing or Paddleboarding is.  one of the fun activities that do not require huge waves as rideable waves between 4 – 6 feet or flat waters are also ideal. For better balancing on the paddle kneel down and traverse the waves with more control.

The most popular places for Paddleboarding are the Sanur and Nusa dua beaches with unending water lines. The Natural reefs help the paddlers to surf on flat waters during low tide. 

A must-do activity when holidaying in the surfer’s paradise.

Best Location/Operator: Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach

Cost of the activity: from INR 3400

Age Limit: 10 years and above

Adventures on the Land:

17.  Zoom across in Zipline:

One of the thrilling and exciting sports activities in Bali where you get a Tarzan-like feeling, Zipline, is a sport for the adventure seekers.  In Zipline, wires are tied to poles or trees, and using trolleys mounted on these wires you get to glide from one end to the other catching the stunning views of the rice fields, scenic bays, splendid ocean, lush greeneries, hill views depending on the Zipline operator you choose.

For the brave-hearted, zipline at the Abyss Zipline where you glide from one rocky cliff to another across the ocean with awesome views of the waves crashing at the bay is a must-do activity. Also known as flying fox, the Treetop Adventure at Bedugul has activities for the fun seekers to the daredevils. Experience the longest zipline at 160 m traversing between trees and capturing the breathtaking views of the flora and fauna. 

Best Location/Operator: Bali Treetop Adventure Park, Abyss Zipline in Ceningan resort

Cost of the activity: INR 500

Age Limit: 7 -65 years

18.  Trek through the fierce Gunung Batur:

One of the most popular treks in Bali, Mount Batur or Gunung Batur Trek should be on top of the bucket list of things to do in Bali. One of the best adventure things to do in Bali is the sunrise hike or the sunset hike, which are to be experienced to be believed.

When you reach the peak of the 1700 meters high active volcano Gunung Batur, catch the magnificent view of the sunrise from the top or sunset as the case may be with a magnificent view of Lake Batur, peaks of Gunung Abang and Mount Agung, Bali sea, if lucky Mount Rinjani too.   

 A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Mount Batur caldera attracts tourists from all over the world. Trek to this awe-inspiring place from May to November when there is less rain.

Best Location/Operator: Bali Sunrise Trekking & Tours, Mt Batur Sunrise Trekking

Cost of the activity: from INR 475

Age Limit: no age limit

Word of caution: There are lots of Monkeys around and hence please be careful with your possessions

19.  Canyoning among the Thrilling cliffs:

For the adventure seekers thriving on thrills, Canyoning is one of the best activities that are a fusion of climbing, scrambling, rappelling while traveling in canyons. 

Hike up the canyons holding onto a rope and test your skills in balancing as the water gushes out of gorges, glides through the waterfalls, rappels through the narrow cracks in the rocks, and dives into the infinity pools. Interesting isn’t it? An activity that tests your perseverance and for the brave-hearted. 

June and August are the best seasons for this next-level sport which gives a unique experience of an all-in-one sports activity feeling. Kerenkali Canyon which is a part of Gitgit Waterfall is popular among beginners whereas Aling gorges at Sambangan is the most popular destination for hardcore adventure enthusiasts.

Best Location/Operator: Gitgit, Sambangan

Cost of the activity: from INR 8000

Age Limit: 8-65 years

20.  Ride the thrilling ATVs:

Ride on a 4 wheeled 250 cc motorbike through the spectacular rice fields, lush forests, plantations, rustic rural areas, seaside cliffs for a unique adventure in your lifetime. The ATV Quad bike ride concentrated on the northern part of Ubud provides you an opportunity to enjoy Bali’s nature and is one of the extreme adventures in Bali.

A 2-hour ride single or in tandem with a guide,  experience the Balinese way of life when traveling through the rural areas, zoom past the paddy fields, traverse through the bamboo forests, through the gorilla face cave, Waterfall river track.  An amazing experience with an All-Terrain Vehicle on challenging tracks cruise along the black sand beach, crossing fresh water streams, viewing the rural panorama.

No one can resist Bali’s charming countryside. And there’s no better way than to explore it on Quad bikes.  Ride on adventurous paths that wind through lovely plantations, bamboo forests, and charming local villages.

Best Location/Operator: Bali ATVRide, Bali ATV tour

Cost of the activity: from INR 3000

Age Limit: from 14 years

21.  Get a wholesome Adventure Package at the Treetop Adventure Park:

With   7 adventure circuits and 72 challenges like a suspended bridge, Tarzan jump, flying swing, etc, and 12 flying foxes up to 160metre in length, Bali Treetop Adventure Park at Bedugul Botanical Garden is famous for its adrenaline-pumping activities suitable for young and old alike. 

There are guides to brief you about the circuits and the safety instructions and are available throughout to assist you. Throughout the circuit, you are attached to lifeline support. The squirrel circuits are for the kids, whereas the black circuit is the one for the adventure seeker. The 2 and a half hours of adventure is one of the things to do in Bali.

From the top, you can capture the panoramic view for some instagrammable photos. Tick this one off your bucket list of must-do activities in Bali. 

 Location: Eka Karya Botanic Garden Bali, Candikuning, Bedugul, Baturiti, Tabanan, Bali 82191

Cost of the activity: kids – from INR 1000 Adult – from INR 1645

Age Limit: from 4 Yrs

Timing: 8:30 a.m to 6:00 p.m

22.  Bike your way through the rugged path: 

One of the activities to do in Bali, Dirt Bike is an exciting activity for the adventurous. Ride on a volcano, traverse through the jungle, ride on the beach, into the rice fields,  taking in the amazing view of Mt Batur, Kintamani, Lakes. 

Beginners to the experience the rides are categorized for all levels. There are a variety of bikes to choose from to tackle the difficulty levels as you will be crossing rivers, tackling logs, dense vegetation, sand dunes, sandy river beds, tricky downhill. Some of the popular dirt biking spots are Sanur, Kintamani, and Tabanan. Get your adrenaline flowing as you engage yourself in a thrilling activity. 

Best Location/Operator: Bali dirt Bike Adventures, Bali wilderness dirt bike tours

Age Limit: from 13 years

Timing: 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m

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23.  Experience the best Scenic Hikes of Bali:

Paradise on Earth, Bali, is home to historical temples, secret waterfalls, hidden jungle trails, volcanic peaks, lush rainforests, and beautiful paddy fields. A must-do activity in Bali for tourists for an out-of-world experience is to hike on one of the volcanoes or jungle trek.

The sunrise and sunset walk at the scenic Campuhan ridge walk, untouched walk through the rainforest walk at the Lake Tamblingan,  trek on the volcano and its caldera a UNESCO world heritage site at Mt Batur, walk along Tegalalang Rice terrace another UNESCO world heritage site, a nature walk at the West Bali National park, trek in the secret garden waterfall Sambangan, feel on top of the world at the venerated Mt Agung are the most popular hiking destinations for locals as well as tourists from abroad.

 Best Location/Operator: Sambangan

Cost of the activity: from INR 3800  depending on the place of the hike

Age Limit: no age limit

Word of Caution: Be careful with Leeches during the rainy season

24.  Reverse it up with this Reverse Bungee:

If you have guts then show it! 

The latest addition to the extreme games in Bali, 5GXBali Reverse Bungee or Bali 5GX Slingshot ride, is an unforgettable lifetime experience. A thrilling family ride where you are seated and belted inside a metal capsule holding a maximum of 3 people and taken on a ride up to 60m vertically at a  speed of 200 Km per hour. Hurled and spun around in the air, screaming your hearts out, enjoy these adventure sports in Bali.

Located in one of the most popular tourist joints, Legian street, this unique experience 5GX Bali, is a must do especially at night. To have the stunning sunset view across the ocean ride at dusk but for a lit-up Jalan Legian, the night ride is the right choice.  

One must keep in mind that the ride has to be taken on an empty stomach, wear loose clothes and shoes. 

Best Location/Operator: Kuta, 

Cost of the activity: from INR 1275

Age Limit: from 14 years

Timing: 11:00 a.m to 3:00 a.m

25.  Wonderful experience on Animal Backs:

An integral part of Bali’s tourism, Elephant rides,  are the most popular attractions among tourists. Riding on the largest mammal on land through the African-themed environment amidst wild animals roaming freely is an amazing experience with family at the Bali Safari Marine  Park.  A safari in the park, ride through the rural villages and know about the village life, right by the calm rivers for one of a kind experience. . 

April to September is the best season for elephant rides.

Another Bali adventure activity is the horseback ride on white sandy Seminyak beach where you get to ride the horses owned by the Badung royalty. A must-do activity with family where you not only race on the beach but also ride through the lush fields. The sound of the waves splashing against the hooves while you canter by and watching the amazing sunset view is an experience of a lifetime.

There are 2 trips, one in the morning at 8:00 a.m and one in the afternoon at 3:30 p.m.

Best Location/Operator: Bali Safari Marine Park, Seminyak Beach

Cost of the activity: Horse ride – Adult – from INR 2500 for 30 minutes; Children – INR 1500

Elephant safari – from INR 6000 this includes shows and aquariums too.

Final Thoughts:

Bali is mostly categorized as a Scenic Beauty and the land of temples. There are many best temples in Bali, due to which they call as the Land of The Gods. Bali’s nature is versatile that and every turn gives its guests a new experience and adventure. It never ceases to amaze any of its Tourists. From the skies to the ocean beds everything is a mode of thrilling adventure sports in Bali

If you wish to learn more about the places in Bali that are offering such amazing activities, there are hoards of options. Visit the Top things to do in the Bali article to actually get to know your destinations.